McGregor Mountain Lodge & Castle Mountain Lodge

Housekeeping for Cabins Bordering Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park, Colorado!

Enjoy living and working on the border of Rocky Mountain National Park!

Estes Park, Colorado
$13.00 / hour + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (May 01, 2021)

Summer Job Description/Agreement McGregor And Castle Mountain Lodges

Primary duties from the onset will include daily housekeeping. Cleans, and supplies (exchange of towels, trash, and firewood, along with making of beds for “stay overs").

Other duties can include helping around the property in other areas when need be.

1)  Yard Work

  1. Watering flowers
  2. Flower Bed Weeding
  3. Mowing/Trimming
  4. Cleaning Grills
  5. Sweeping off patios
  6. Filling Bird feeders
  7. Washing Windows and Screens

2)  Simple maintenance projects and painting

  1. Keeping the laundry room/area clean and tidy and preparing housekeeping materials for next day’s work.
  2. All Laundry to be done and put away before going home
  3. Checking and Changing Vacuum Cleaner bags as needed
  4. Cleaning lint traps on a DAILY Basis

We encourage you to ask questions and learn as much about this business as you desire, as well as our employees, to have open and warm dialogue with our guests. Your knowledge of the area: Where to eat, hike, explore, and “what is going on” becomes invaluable to the guest experience.

Please make note of, and address, any maintenance issues immediately to help us stay on top of the property and avoid an “unhappy” guest experience. If you don’t know the answer, don’t be afraid to ask!


Seasonal Positions are needed to be filled from mid-May through mid-October.

A typical day-time schedule is from 9 AM till 2 or 3 PM depending on the “busy-ness” of the day. 6 days a week, and your day off may vary from week to week depending on workload. (So, 30-36/hrs. weeks can be expected) This leaves your afternoons and evenings available for exploring and hiking in the park, picking up another part-time job in town, or just relaxing. On a particularly busy day, you may be asked to come in early but will be notified a day or two before. Flexibility and communication are key. It also may be necessary for you to switch a day off from time to time and is perfectly acceptable if worked out with manager.

All staff will receive a 1⁄2 hour lunch break each day, and are expected to bring your own lunch as there won’t be time to run and get one. Occasionally we will have “staff lunches” in which case lunch is provided. All staff gather and eat together in common areas at each of the lodges.

**Additional, Non-paid, day’s off may be scheduled through the office on a need and mutually agreed upon basis

Each employee is compensated on an hourly wage. Wages start at $13/hour with housing included. (Wage may be negotiated if you do already have housing in place here in Estes Park.)  A bonus will be paid at owner’s discretion depending on the employee’s work at the completion of the contract. Bonuses generally range from $750-1500 depending on the success of the season, and the contributions made by employee to that success which is solely subjective by the management and owners.

Part of your compensation package will include a room, or apartment type living and all utilities—Power, Sewer, Cable and WI-FI. In Estes Park, this equates to approximately $1300/MO. You will be expected to help maintain and keep a clean house/living environment, keep the kitchen clean, and your own space cleaned and maintained.

An Annual Rocky Mountain National Park Pass will also be provided for you so you may enjoy the park that is situated right outside your back door. We encourage you to explore, spend time in the park, hike, and get to know the trails.

Pay Checks are dispersed on the 15th and 1st of the month. Pay periods go from the 11th – 25th being paid on the 1st, and 26th  - 10th being paid on the 15th.

Jeans and shorts are appropriate, along with close-toed shoes. Branded t-shirts and sweatshirts will be provided.

Our properties are smoke free, and we have a strict no drug tolerance policy. Any individual reporting to work intoxicated or using drugs of any kind on company property is fired with no recourse.

The KEY to McGregor and Castle Mountain Lodge is that we are a family run resort, with EVERYONE pitching in as equals to create a “team like” experience. No job is too small for someone to pick up and take care of.  An eye for detail is essential and working together for the good of the whole will be key to the success of the business.

We look forward to having you on our “team” and working together to make McGregor and Castle Mountain Lodges the VERY best vacation destination in Estes Park!

How to Apply

Please send application and resume to Chris Wood at Call Chris at 970-481-6142 with any questions.

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