Madison Hotel, Motel and Gift Shop

Gift Shop and Hotel
After work trip in to the park
Hiking the Uncle Tom Trail
Horseback ride
Jan and Garrett, The Owners
Motel area
Motel room 103

Make History Work For You, by working with us at "The Historic Madison Hotel, Motel and Gift Shop". A work experience next to Yellowstone, the Greatest Park on Earth!

We are a historic hotel and gift shop constructed in the early 1900's and opened in 1912. Our grandparents bought this property in 1958, and in 2014 Jan and Garrett purchased the property and have been having a great time operating this business. We are a small organization that has 11-14 employees. We love Yellowstone and the associated outdoor activities associated with this wonderful place.

We are located in West Yellowstone 2 blocks from Yellowstone National Park. We are surrounded by the Gallatin National Forest, with many activities. hike, bike, fish, photography many other things.

About Madison Hotel, Motel and Gift Shop

We operate the oldest Hotel in West Yellowstone, some of the things we do might seem old fashion.  We love to clean and maintain this old building because it provides us this great opportunity to be part of the "Yellowstone Experience"

With this we like to interact with our guests, we great them frequently, asking them what they saw or experienced in their Yellowstone visit, we cook smores in the lobby on Sunday evenings after we close the Gift Shop.

Our Company is a Drug-Free, Alcohol-free and Tobacco-free company.  We do not support the use of these items at any time during your work schedule or in our housing.  If you feel it is necessary to do this or to be under the influence of these or hungover while on work premises then you might be trying to work for the wrong company. We do not provide extra smoke breaks.

The Employee Experience

We like to work and play hard. We understand the schedule to get the rooms ready for the guests, then complete all of the other tasks to be ready and support one another for the next days work. Then we Play until the next shift, in and around Yellowstone.

Working here will be a good experience to have input and involvement in driving a successful business.  We attempt to provide an experience that you can take with your to your next employer and be a better employee having worked with us.  

Ideal Candidate

Honest, Does their job, does it quickly and correctly, when something goes wrong, you accept responsibility and don't continue to make that mistake again. 100% accurate on all money transactions.

Committed, you report to work on time, fulfill your responsibility, you look for productive work to be done. You always finish what you start, asking for help early enough to get the task done on time as expected.

Work, you understand your duties, responsibilities and how they support all of the other related aspects of our business.  Therefore you always help others, you DO NOT use your phone or other personal devices while on duty for personal use.  You make yourself available to the customer and appreciated by the customer for your hard unselfish work ethic.

Educated,  you seek to learn about our products, systems and Yellowstone Ecosystems and the area attractions.  So that your are ready to answer questions, provide service and answer all questions that our customer may have.  Be willing to say "I don't Know, but I can get you an answer form another staff member" Learning what the answer was to be more helpful in the future.

Room and Board

We provide Subsidized Housing, $6.50 per day, including days off or not working, taken as a payroll deduction.  You must be an employee in good standing to maintain this subsidized housing.

We occasionally have Picnics or meals together as a Company as an appreciation or work meetings.

You typically provide your own foods and meals. Each housing unit has the basic items for cooking. 

We allow you to have coffee and hot drinks from our service center as long as you have your own cup.

We have located onsite:

  • 1, Dorm style Cabin, for 6 people, to share a kitchen and bathroom. (All Same Gender)
  • 3, 20' RV style trailers, housing up to 2 people each.
  • 1 Apartment, housing up to 2 people.

Employee Perks

  • We provide discounts for you in our Gift Shop
  • We allow discounted stays for your intimidate family
  • Company shirts are Provided
  • We attend the rodeo locally
  • We go into the park regularly
  • We go on a horseback ride (as schedule allows)
  • 4th of July BBQ
  • Hot drink service

Getting Here and Getting Around

It is your financial responsibility to get to and from West Yellowstone, MT.

Air travel arrangements can be made to arrive in Salt Lake City, UT, then travel by the Salt Lake Express, they leave from the Salt Lake Airport directly.

Air travel to Bozeman, MT, We would need to make arrangements to pick you up at the airport, as there is no regular bus companies serving the general public.

You can bring your own vehicle, you will be parking in the available public parking areas.

On occasion, we go to Idaho Falls and Bozeman for shopping or travel with business so if time allows you can accompany us on the trips.  

For Fun

Yellowstone National Park is unforgettable, need we say more? We are so fortunate to be here, come join us.

How to Apply

We would like you to apply by emailing me

Telling me why you wish to work with us.  

What your job history is.

Phone number to contact you and, at least one work reference.

Contact Madison Hotel, Motel and Gift Shop