Whitewater Rafting Guide
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Whitewater Rafting Guide

MAD Adventures
Kremmling & Dumont, Colorado
No experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in about 2 months (May 21, 2018)

Beginner and Experienced Guide positions are available for the 2018 summer season.  Training begins toward the end of May.  Mad Adventures has positions available at our Dumont office for Clear Creek guiding & our Kremmling office for Upper Colorado River guiding.

Being a raft guide is not just about taking people down the river. From general appearance to conduct with customers, there is a high level of professionalism that is expected from you at all times. You are a representative not only of yourself but of us as a company. Here at Mad Adventures, we are a team and we expect all employees to work together to keep us looking the best we can to our customers. This means that all staff is required to help in general cleaning and care of equipment and all areas of the building and grounds.

It is necessary for guides to train and work throughout the season on a very flexible and highly available schedule. It is important that as you are learning a new skill you devote as much time as possible to it. As a seasonal business, we depend on a short time span to support ourselves and you and will ask for your commitment to help us in this endeavor. Keep in mind that the weekends and holidays are our busiest times. Additionally, since we have offices located at other rivers, our guides often travel to other locations at certain times throughout the season. So in other words, we ask that you always remain flexible.

Mad Adventures offers a raft guide training course that begins in the second half of May. The time necessary for each student to become proficient in the skills required to guide commercially varies. It is anticipated that all students will be certified by mid-June. Once certified, your job offer is confirmed and you can begin employment as a raft guide. Mad Adventures provides personal flotation devices, paddles and wetsuits at no cost through June 10th. After this date, you are expected to provide your own gear. Mad Adventures has an employee purchase discount program for procuring selected gear at substantial savings.

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