North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin

The North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin

Spend your summer working at a mystical and peaceful lodge; the picturesque lake and breathtaking mountain views truly have a magical effect!

Stehekin is a remote community at the head of Lake Chelan, in Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, part of the North Cascades National Park Complex in Washington state.  In an age of easy access to nearly everywhere in the United States and ever-present cell phones, Stehekin remains an anomaly, a slice of life left over from when things were simpler.

Accessible only by boat, plane, or hiking trails, the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin is a laid-back remote little place on the shores of Lake Chelan within the North Cascades National Park. Stehekin is very close to the Pacific Crest Trail. Trout and sockeye salmon are popular targets for fishing in Lake Chelan and if you are into hiking, extreme or mild, you will love it here.

About North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin

COVID-19 Information: The Health and safety of our team members, community, and park visitors is our first priority. Some of the things you can expect this season when working with us:

  • Enhanced PPE program
  • Team members are required to wear a mask while working
  • Shields are provided at cash registers and registration desk
  • Enhanced cleaning in all of our operations
  • Housekeeping services are provided upon guest request in addition to after check out.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided at all work stations and throughout all Lodge areas
  • Social distancing is encouraged at all of our locations.
  • Vaccine Required

If you have a ready smile, love the outdoors, are willing to work hard and enjoy working with people, this may be the place for you.  Each summer season we look for a handful of well-rounded, outdoor professional people to work with us in the remote Cascade mountains.

The North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin is the perfect place for guests to be active in the great outdoors or just relax and take in the fantastic views. We offer 28 lodging units including rooms with kitchens and a large Lake House.  With sweeping views of the mountains, our restaurant provides a casual breakfast and lunch, before changing into a fine dining dinner experience.

Our General Store accommodates many visitor needs with limited groceries, souvenirs, ice, beer, wine, camping and fishing equipment. Many people enjoy renting our watercraft equipment or transportation equipment to tour the valley on their own schedule.  Visitors include Lodge guests, day-trippers, and hikers coming off the Pacific Crest Trail. Our General Store employees operate the Front Desk and greet guests, check them into lodging, book activities, and provide information about this unique valley.

The Employee Experience

The North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin is managed by Guest Services, Inc., which is consistently rated as one of the "Best Places to Work" by its valued employees. 

Our peak season is May thru the end of October and we'd prefer to hire team members who are available to commit to the whole season. However, we are willing to consider candidates who can commit to at least 90 days. 

Before taking the ferry to Stehekin, new team members should set up a grocery account in Chelan at IGA and/or Safeway. To set up the account, team members should go to the customer service desk to request the paperwork. The customer service agents will process the paperwork and take copies of a credit or debit card. Throughout the season, team members can submit an order through email. The grocery store will shop for the items and send them to the ferry for next day arrival.

Once onsite, team members can expect to be greeted by management, followed by lunch and a tour of the surrounding area. They will also be shown to their new cabin.

While working at the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin, team members can expect to work 5 days per week, 8-10 hour shifts. Team members will have the ability to request additional days off as well.

When not working, North Cascades Lodge team members enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, swimming, and bike riding. Employees also have access to the guest rec room, which includes TV and pool.

While cell service is not widely available, Verizon tends to work best in the areas with coverage.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is friendly, quick to smile, responsible, hard-working, possesses a flexible attitude, is in love with the outdoors, and embraces our remote location!!  Stehekin is very remote and disconnected by modern standards; opportunities to call home or go to town are limited.  Most of our staff members spend their time off hiking in the mountains or enjoying the spectacular scenery by being outside.  With lots of summer sunshine, miles of trails, and of course Lake Chelan, one can be busy all summer exploring or partaking in many outdoor activities.  

As a small lodge with only about 30 employees, everyone is expected to pitch in and be willing to help with nearly everything.  And of course, our small size means everyone interacts with guests, so keep that smile and helpful nature ready!  Some of our positions require physical work as we receive freight and keep the rooms and grounds clean.

Dress code requirements vary based on each position. Uniform shirts are provided to all team members.

Room and Board

We require team members to live in employee housing as there are no local housing options. Team members must work 35 hours per week to qualify for employee housing.

Some of our cabins are located in the historic district, meaning they are old and protected from change. While they do not provide modern luxuries, they are comfortable and within walking distance to work.  Each cabin includes a kitchen. Some housing is located 3 miles up the one road in Stehekin.

Most cabins sleep 2-3 but a few accommodate up to 8 employees.  Please plan on sharing a bedroom or a cabin. Private housing is rare. Each cabin includes a common area with furniture, but no TV. 

Furniture, bedding, pillows, and towels are all provided. Team members need only bring their personal items.

Employees are charged $40/week via payroll deduction, which includes all utilities.  We do not provide an Employee Dining Room; employees are responsible for cooking their own meals.  Besides our restaurant, the nearby ranch and bakery are other great options for the times you don’t feel like cooking.

There are complimentary laundry facilities accessible to team members, however, you must provide your own laundry detergent and other supplies.

Pets are not allowed in employee housing.

There is no Wi-Fi or cell coverage in employee housing. 

Couples housing may be arranged based on availability and provided both persons are employed for at least 35 hours per week each.

There are no RV sites available at this location.

Employee Perks

As a small lodge, all staff members are cross-trained between departments and many enjoy the change in routine and the extra experience.  

All team members receive a 50% discount on meals at the restaurant.

Team Members enjoy free rides on our shuttle bus, which makes a round trip of the valley four times a day and is ideal to access more distant trails. 

Team members will have access to free kayaking when not being used by guests.

There is a $500 End of Season Bonus for team members who have worked the full season at the Lodge.

And of course, the biggest perk of all is our incredible natural surroundings! Employees spend a season in a place that most visitors experience for just a couple of days.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Getting here is half the fun!  A truly remote community, Stehekin is not accessible by road.  Your journey to Stehekin will end via a lake ferry from the town of Chelan, 55 miles away.  

The nearest major airport is Seattle (3 hours from Chelan), but you can also get flights into Wenatchee (45 minutes from Chelan). If flying into Seattle, you can take Amtrak into Wenatchee. From Wenatchee, there are bus/shuttle options to Fields Point in Chelan, where you will catch the ferry to Stehekin.

Have a mountain bike?  Bring it!  While the trails are closed to biking, the Stehekin Valley Road is perfect for riding and a mountain bike will give you more mobility. Bicycles are also available for hire if you do not bring your own.

Despite not being accessible by car from the outside world, Stehekin does have around 11 miles of its own road. Team members may bring a vehicle by arranging transport on the barge for a cost of around $125 each way. There is also the option to leave personal vehicles parked at Fields Point for the cost of $1 per day. Fields Point is managed by the National Park and is a safe place to leave personal vehicles. Team members can inquire about this option at the office at Fields Point.

The closest small town is Chelan, which is a 3.5-hour ferry ride from Stehekin. The closest major metropolitan area is Seattle, which is a 3.5-hour ferry ride followed by a 3-3.5 hour drive.

For Fun

Because North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin is in the heart of the Cascade mountain range, outdoor activities are literally at our doorstep, and we encourage everyone to take full advantage of that.  The options are varied and amazing – explore the one road by bike, kayak or canoe on the lake, fish the rivers or lake, travel by horseback into the wilderness to see Howard Lake, visit ancient petroglyphs, climb challenging Mt. McGregor, or hike numerous backcountry trails and the Pacific Crest Trail.  Of course, just sitting outside and soaking in the beauty is always a good plan.

We are truly unique in the sense that there is no road that leads into the valley. We do not have telephones, television, or a lot of everyday luxuries at our fingertips.  And for us privileged few, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How to Apply

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