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Lindblad Expeditions

A pioneer in the Expedition Travel space, Lindblad Expeditions is seeking a Head Chef for Alaska


Gustavus, Alaska
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts immediately!

The Head Chef will be responsible for all aspects of the food service operation including the administrative and technical duties required to provide our guests and crew with high-quality cuisine. He or she will also be responsible to supervise the duties of all other galley personnel.  The galley will operate under the rules and regulations of the Center for Disease Control Vessel Sanitation program. 

  • Oversees the execution of all guest and crew meals, following the Company menu matrix and recipes, as well as the company’s core food value of regional, sustainable and fresh. 
  • Participates in the actual cooking and preparation of food items as a member and leader of the galley team. 
  • Responsible for final food products for all meal periods, including butchering, portioning, preparation, execution, presentation, and exceptional flavor profile. 
  • Ensures the provisioning of all food and related products by placing orders as needed in conjunction with the Hotel Manager, including loading and checking in stores, while ensuring proper FIFO rotation practices.  
  • Responsible for the execution of special dietary restriction, and allergies 
  • Acts as an ambassador, and supporter of the company’s sustainable seafood program. 
  • Maintains inventory with appropriate stock levels and proper rotation of perishable food stores.  Includes the cleaning and organization of all provision storage areas in galley, freezer, refrigerator, and storeroom. 
  • Participates in guest outings like beach BBQ, OOTB, and other as needed to ensure great guest experience 
  • Maintains food service operation in absolutely sanitary conditions as per Lindblad Expeditions, CDC and Canada Health requirements.  Fluent in all regulations for CDC standard.   
  • Must know the proper use of all galley equipment and proper procedures and detergents for cleaning and sanitizing all equipment.  
  • Supervise the loading of all provisions, taking action as needed to ensure proper quality is received, and follow up with suppliers and office for payment is also communicated. 
  • Stay current on developments in the culinary field so updates can be made to our menus.  
  • Communicate effectively with the Hotel Manager and be open for discussion on any matters concerning the operation of the on board Hotel Department.  
  • Supervises the Sous Chef, Baker, Chef de Partie, Pantry Chef, and one galley steward/utility in daily galley operations.   
  • Oversees the training for new hires and ongoing training, and development for all galley staff. 
  • Manages food costs onboard, reviewing orders, controlling local purchases and working closely with Purchasing Department and Food and Beverage Manager.  
  • Acts as the person in charge of the galley operation during CDC visits, escorts the inspectors, answers questions appropriately, and professionally 
  • Responsible for the general appearance of the other Chefs and crew working in the galley and ensures are in uniform.  
  • Fills in other galley positions as required and necessary.   
  • Participates in on board safety training, meetings and drills, as directed by the Captain, including fire, abandon ship, man overboard, flooding and medical emergencies. 
  • Responsible for making sure all foods are safe for human consumption and making menu revisions or substitutions when necessary to ensure that the food is maintained at the necessary standard.   
  • Participates in shore side training as required by the company.   
  • Familiar with the ISM codes and requirements. 
  • Maintains familiarity with all duties under the company Safety Management System and Emergency Station Billet duties. 
  • Follows Company’s policy on uniform, to promote company’s image and safety, and standards. Acts as a leader and ensures the rest of the galley team is compliant with uniform policies.   

Desired Qualifications:   

  • Completion of formal training at a culinary school preferred. 
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience managing a culinary team on board passenger ships preferred.
  • Ability to do the “hands on” part of the operation, and successfully complete any admin work required around it. 
  • Good time management skills; ability to handle multiple tasks, set priorities, and meet deadlines. 
  • Ability to get along with co-workers. 
  • Ability to communicate successfully with galley team members; and office personnel. 
  • Support, develop, and promote a healthy and professional team environment. 
  • Responsible for training and guiding others and reviewing their work. 


  • Current First Aid/CPR certification required. 
  • STCW Basic Safety Training preferred. 
  • STCW Crowd Management preferred. 
  • Vessel Sanitation Public Health (CDC) preferred. 

How to Apply

Email resumes to noorhanid@expeditions.com or click Apply Now to complete our online application.

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