Manager of Guest Services and Amenities
Lazy K Bar Ranch

Seeking full time permanent manager to assist in all aspects of remote seasonal guest ranch

LKB Ranch is located along Big Timber Creek in Big Timber Canyon at the base of the highest peaks in the Crazy Mountains, approx 25 miles from Big Timber, MT


Manager of Guest Services and Amenities

Lazy K Bar Ranch
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (Feb 08, 2018)

The manager of guest services and amenities will work directly under the General Ranch Managers.  This is a full time, permanent position at the Lazy K Bar Ranch, located along Big Timber Creek in Big Timber Canyon at the base of the highest peaks in the Crazy Mountains, approx 25 miles from Big Timber, MT.


While the responsibilities vary by season, there are three main parts to this position: guest services, facilities maintenance, and employee supervision.  During the pre-season (spring) you will assist in the hiring of employees, oversee the setup of the ranch for the summer season and help arrange guests' trips.  The summer is busy supervising and helping the seasonal staff ensure that the guests are cared for and the cabins and common areas are kept to the ranch’s high standards of cleanliness and orderliness.  After the summer season this position will assist remaining summer staff in the facilities shut down and preparation for winter.  The off season is when we prepare for the next year, do special projects, keep up with the cleaning and orderliness of some of the buildings, and occasionally host out of season guests.


Competitive monthly salary and generous benefits to be discussed with qualified candidates.  Health insurance, 401k, and other employee benefits are included. 

Other benefits – Living and working in a forest with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  Fishing, hiking, camping, back country skiing, and horseback riding are all right out our front door.  Whenever possible we like to participate in group activities and enjoy the surroundings as a team, horseback riding, rafting trips, camping, etc.  While this position will likely have limited time off in the summer, the off season will allow plenty of time to spend multiple days a week enjoying this country.  An active energetic person that craves the outdoors, with the attention to detail required, will be a great fit.


Flexibility is our #1 requirement.  The nature of this ranch requires maintaining a flexible demeanor for responding to challenges and changes in schedules, staffing and guest needs.

Previous staff management experience will be very helpful in guiding and directing the staff that is usually made up of college aged employees.

This position requires a lot of movement and energy.  The ranch is in a canyon with essentially no flat ground.  Applicant must be able to navigate the trails by foot and do so in an efficient and timely manner.  This is not a sedentary position.  In winter, the ground is usually covered in snow and ice.  Ability to safely move around the ranch is a must during any condition.   

Ability to work independently.

An organized individual that can setup and maintain an orderly work place.

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively. 

First Aid and CPR Certification (this can be provided).

TIPS Alcohol Service Training (this training will be provided). 

Clean driving record.

Computer skills is a must. Willing to train the right person in basic point of sale equipment and specific programs but must be able to catch on quickly with computer requirements.

Ability and willingness to fill in where necessary.  Any job or task that you ask of your staff you will also have to perform as needed. 

There may be occasions to be of assistance to our parent organization at other locations we have across Montana and the US.  A willingness and excitement to try new things and help where able will be highly valued.  

How to Apply

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to 

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