Latigo Ranch

Wrangler Group Photo 2017
Wrangling in the Herd
Wagon and Team
The Latigo Owners (and dog, Vin)
View from Breakfast Point
Waitress at Dinner Cookout

Seeking summer staff of integrity

Randy and Lisa George bought Latigo Ranch over 30 years ago with the desire to show the love of Christ in their business. While experience, talent, and knowledge are valuable, what Latigo really needs are hardworking team-players. We need staff who can help us deliver the best the West has to offer. You’ll have the time of your life. You’ll never do anything else quite like it.

Latigo is located in a pristine and secluded portion of Colorado mountains with a stunning, sixty-mile view out to the Great Divide from the front porch of our Lodge and 200 miles of horseback riding trails throughout 40,000 acres of National Forest. The property is approximately 30 minutes from Kremmling, CO.

About Latigo Ranch

Randy and Lisa raised their children with high moral integrity at Latigo. Now, Hannah and Spencer, with his wife, Amanda, are an integral part of running the ranch. We are a family oriented guest ranch, founded over 90 years ago. Our standards are high, and we've received multiple awards for providing outstanding guest experiences. We want employees who can carry the torch of excellence onward.

We are looking for staff members who will work as a team to create a superb dude ranch vacation experience for our guests. This requires a tremendous amount of work and commitment to quality and service. When we hire our staff, we are seeking people of integrity who are not afraid to work hard. We are in the business of serving people, and all members of our team need to enjoy people and enjoy helping them have a great time. Not only do we work hard, but we have great summers here in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We need staff who can help us deliver the best the West has to offer!

The Employee Experience

Working on a dude ranch doesn’t just mean riding the herd and looking cool. We employ maintenance crews to keep the ranch working, a kitchen crew keeps everybody fed, housekeepers keep everything in order, and the barn crew takes care of the herd, leads rides, and fixes fences.

Those are things you might do if you come to work on for us, but your job is to be a part of the team that makes everything work together. We all pull our weight and do a bit of everything. The mountains and the challenges forge a group of staff members from all walks of life into a cohesive force of love and friendship. If you haven’t ridden before, at Latigo, you’ll have a chance to learn, no matter which job you end up getting. Our staff culture is second to none, and we believe in the value of each employee.

You’ll make incredible friends. You’ll meet amazing people. You’ll have the time of your life. You’ll wake up each day in one of the most beautiful places on earth. You’ll never do anything else quite like it.

Ideal Candidate

We're looking for people who are service-minded and can put the guests' comfort above their own and are always looking for ways to help their teammates.  We look for candidates who can listen and reason through our instructions, who are respectful to each other and our guests, and who are able to see the bigger picture and take steps toward the greater goal on their own. Life on a ranch is not for the faint of heart, and you will work hard at Latigo. 

We want good learners who take initiative, are honest, prompt and courteous, and who will take satisfaction in a job well done.

Our guest season begins in early June and runs through the end of September. Ideally, our staff will have dates starting in May and ending in late August through early October. However, we are able to accommodate a wide variety of schedules.

Room and Board

Latigo provides on-site housing for the entire staff. There are two bunkhouses, a set of rooms in the lodge, as well as several other smaller accommodations. We arrange differently every year based on the needs of our staff. We have accommodated couples in the past.

Our staff meals are beyond compare. We will cook to request and take staff preference into consideration with our meal planning. A variety of snacks are available in the staff dining room at all times, and the ice cream is always fair game.

Six days out of seven, breakfast is to-order and cereal is available, most lunches include a large salad bar and other buffet options, and dinners are hot and delicious. There is usually more than one homemade dessert. For the kitchen's three meals off, as well as in-between snacking, there is a large shelf in the walk-in refrigerator dedicated to staff eats.

Our staff eat separately from our guests for most meals, giving them time to can relax and unwind over their food.

We love our staff by feeding them well.

Employee Perks

Someone goes into town nearly every day for mail or groceries, and will happily pick up any needed items for staff members.

Staff receives a significant discount on all purchases in the Latigo Gift Shop.

Owners are always available for questions, concerns, or issues which arise, and they will deal with any interpersonal or housing issues promptly.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Many staff members enjoy bringing their own vehicles for travel and trips into town during their time off. However, a vehicle is not necessary. 

Flying to Denver and taking a shuttle to Kremmling (where you'll be picked up) is an easy way to get to the ranch without a car. If you are driving, be sure to use the instructions on the website instead of your GPS .

For Fun

Besides the aforementioned unlimited ice cream consumption, staff members are encouraged to rest, hike, ride horses, take photos, swim in the pool, use the free wifi, and otherwise enjoy themselves during their time off in one of the most beautiful ranches in the West. Most any activities which are open to guests will also be available to members of staff at some point during the summer, all you have to do is ask.

How to Apply

Read through the employment packet on our website to make sure you are a good fit, then download the application PDF, fill it out, and send it in (either via email or postal service). Don't forget to attach your letter explaining why you'll be a good addition to the team.

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