Larsen Bay Lodge

Housekeeper/Server at remote fishing Lodge on Kodiak Island in Alaska

Remote lodge in a village of 40 people. We do have wifi, satellite TV and a post office :)

  • summer
  • fall


Larsen Bay Lodge
unknown / month + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 4 months. (Jun 16, 2023)

Looking for two housekeepers/servers for a remote fishing/hunting lodge on Kodiak Island.  June 16(ish) to September 28(ish).  Whales in the bay and bears on the rivers make this an incredible place to work!   

Duties include serving breakfast and dinner, cleaning rooms, cleaning common areas, and assisting with dishes. Ideal candidates are team players and drama-free: especially important for a remote living/working environment. No experience is necessary as long as you can follow instructions and pay attention to detail. 

Compensation includes salary, share in the tip pool, room, board, laundry, wifi, and airfare from Anchorage.  Airfare between home and Anchorage will be reimbursed as an end-of-season bonus.  

How to Apply

Please respond by email to with a resume and at least 2 references (1 professional, 1 personal).

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