Lake Effect Bar and Grill

Make friends, money, and memories off the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula in the heart of Lake Superior

We are Lake Effect Bar and Grill, and we are focused on serving made-from-scratch dishes in a professional, upbeat setting. We boast the status as the best Bourbon bar in the U.P. and burger joint in 30 miles and are also proud to serve numerous homemade items. We are also one of the only establishments in town to have air conditioning!

Copper Harbor is a town of roughly 100 year round residents. It is an adventurers destination for its access to Lake Superior, internationally rated mountain biking trails, ATV trails, kayaking, hiking and remoteness. This area is known for its natural beauty, northern lights a photographers delight. Copper Harbor is also a gateway to Isle Royale National Park.

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About Lake Effect Bar and Grill

Thanks for taking the time to check out our company! We are Lake Effect Bar and Grill and Lake Fanny Hooe Resort and Campground, companies of Copper Harbor Hospitality, LLC. Lake Fanny Hooe (pronounced "HO") Resort has been established in Copper Harbor for more than 40 years. It has transferred owners a few times, and most recently went under the current ownership in 2018. Lake Effect Bar and Grill was purchased by these same owners in 2021. The property was previously known as The Pines Resort and operated at about half the capacity as it does now. All-in-all, Lake Fanny Hooe Resort owns Lake Effect Bar and Grill, an 80 site campground with everything from rustic to full hook-up amenities, 2 motels, and 10 cabins. Please check our job listings page to see what opportunities are available at Lake Fanny Hooe Resort and Campground.  

We are located in Copper Harbor, MI, a small town with a large tourism industry and ground zero of the 19th-century copper mining boom in Upper Michigan. As the name alludes, Copper Harbor was in the business of getting copper out of the ground and shipping it across Lake Superior to help the world toward the industrial revolution. Thankfully, the revolution stopped an hour south of Copper Harbor! Massive 400-year-old white pines, luscious old-growth forest, and crystal clear inland lakes and water bodies are still very much intact. We are surrounded by the pristine waters of Lake Superior, public land, geological wonders, and boast a tight-knit community of folks that live by nature's rules. 

Lake Effect Bar and Grill serves traditional breakfast, claims the status as the only burger joint in town, and we create and serve our own dishes from scratch. Our establishment features a modernized full-service bar, a 21st-century point-of-sale system, and air conditioning! Lake Effect is one of the hippest places in Copper Harbor, as it has seen the most recent updates and has a laid back dining atmosphere. 

We think you will love working for our company because we offer a lot of perks, and our management team and team members are incredibly friendly. But all of that is just cherries on top of living in Copper Harbor, home of prestigious mountain biking trails, rated silver by IMBA, miles of hiking trails to gorgeous outdoor destinations, kayaking and fishing the inland lakes and you are surrounded by the clean and crisp waters of Lake Superior and a familial community. 

The Employee Experience

Lake Effect Bar and Grill and Lake Fanny Hooe Resort and Campground are growing businesses, but our staff consists of 12 - 20 individuals, creating an intimate family-like work environment. Expect to make lasting friendships, try something new, and learn what it is like to live in a small community in the heart of Lake Superior. We value positivity, ethicality, friendship, teamwork, experience, having fun, and overcoming challenges together. With the low cost of living and the abundance of work availability this is a great opportunity to make an amount of disposable income in 5 months that normally may otherwise take an entire year.

Ideal Candidate

An ideal Lake Effect employee/s is an individual or couple who embraces hard work and challenges, one who puts the team before themselves, and finds solutions rather than problems. Individuals must be mature and know how to get along with others, harbor effective communication, and uphold kindness. If you are an individual that is not frustrated easily, knows how to act mature on and off of the job, is comfortable being independent but knows when and how to ask for help, and who's goals are orientated toward making as much money as possible in the 2023 season, please send your resume to - we would love to get to know you!

Room and Board

Lodging costs are a nominal fee of $25 per week as long as you are meeting the weekly 40 hour requirement. Line cooks start at $16/hour, servers and bartenders start at $5/hour plus un-pooled tips, housekeepers start at $14/hour, dishwashers start at $14/hour campground staff $15/hour, and lodging desk attendant $14/hour. For more information on pay, please see our jobs page. Every employee receives a free shift meal and beverage for every full 8 hours they work. When an employee is not working, they will receive 40% off meals up to $30, before discounts, per day. 

The company decides indoor lodging assignments based on individual needs, requests, and availability. Most housing is shared. No pets of any kind are allowed. Personal vehicle parking is available 1 block from employee lodging. A refundable housing deposit of $200 is due before employment begins. 

Outdoor lodging options are as follows: campsites suitable for tenting or RV. Water and 30 amp hookups. Showers/bathrooms/laundry is located 500 feet away. Free laundry is available. Water is drinkable from tap. Semi-dense woods with lots of trees to attach things to. 

If it is needed, we do have limited storage space available.

Employee Perks

Full Time Employee Benefits

  • Nominal cost housing @ $25 per week
  • Enroll in Company-matched 401k / no vesting period
  • Health and flexible savings accounts 
  • Free shift meals
  • 40% off meals when not working 
  • Enroll in UHC health, vision, and dental benefits 

But what about the fun stuff??

Just down the road from the restaurant is Lake Fanny Hooe Resort and Campground, the other half of Copper Harbor Hospitality, LLC. Here is the 2 mile long inland lake from which the resort is named. Employees are welcome to enjoy our kayaks, canoes, and rowboats for free on the lake when not in use by guests. This lake is also ideal for fishing, water skiing, SUPs, and all other water sports. Lake Fanny Hooe also gets blasted by east/west winds.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Houghton County Memorial Airport is located in Hancock, one hour south of us, and we would be happy to pick you up or arrange transportation from the airport to us. This airport is only serviced by O'Hare International Airport.  There is also a Greyhound bus service to Hancock, MI and we again would be happy to pick you up or arrange transportation for you to Copper Harbor. Everything in Copper Harbor is within walking distance, but we recommend bringing a bike. If you are looking to explore the areas outside of Copper Harbor, a personal vehicle is recommended. Our employees are generally willing to help each other out by coordinating carpooling for out of town runs. All of our lodging is within 1000 feet of the worksite. 

For Fun

Copper Harbor has an extensive grocery store that includes allergen-free selections. There is also a post office, a community park, a church, a gas station, and a brewery.

Our staff and community enjoy so many things in their off time. Water sports, biking, campfires, movie nights, rollerblading, longboarding, hiking, disc golfing, exploring the backwoods, climbing, repelling, fishing, stargazing and aurora hunting, gardening, hammocking, and so much more. Copper Harbor is particularly a destination for mountain bikers as it is home to an extensive IMBA silver-rated trail system, and there is another mountain biking mecca developing a few miles east of town. 

If you need a break from the Harbor life, there is a small university town an hour south of us in Houghton. Houghton hosts lots of food and grocery options, libraries, local shops, bars, and many of the other amenities of a city!

How to Apply

We are excited to learn about you! Please email us your cover letter, resume and references, or an introduction of yourself and where you have been working for the last 2 years, as well as references. Please let us know when you would be available for an interview.

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