Naturalist Photography Guide
Ketchikan Photo Safari

Lead people throughout Ketchikan Alaska on a photographic journey

Unique beauty that always changes

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Naturalist Photography Guide

Ketchikan Photo Safari
Ketchikan, Alaska
$15.00 / hour + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 5 months. (Apr 22, 2024)

Naturalist Photography Guide: Lead small groups on tours to Ketchikan’s hot spots while working to improve guest’s photography skills.  This is a tour that is unique in the simple fact that not every tour is the same.  We do have designated spots, but everything is subject to changes based on the weather, lighting, and any other surprises that you may find.  The Ketchikan Photo Safari interacts with guests from all around the world.  People land in Ketchikan via cruise ships, Alaska Marine Highway Systems, or Alaska Airlines and they are all looking for a fun and unique experience, which we offer!  

As a Naturalist Photography Guide you will be responsible for meeting guests at the designated pickup locations and taking them throughout Ketchikan.  We interact primarily with cruise ship passengers, so we are in constant contact with the cruise ship's shore excursions teams.  We believe in safety for our team and for our passengers.  With that in mind we will work to ensure that we have good defensive driving skills and are providing adequate information to our team every day to ensure we are all on the same page.  Here at the Ketchikan Photo Safari, we rely on very self-motivated staff who have the freedom to make the best possible choices to ensure that they and their guests have a great time doing what we all love most.   

Housing in Ketchikan is sometimes limited, so if you are looking to make this journey, it is important to start communicating about housing.  As a local based company, we do have the ability to help find housing and we may have a few in house options as well depending on the circumstances.  

Our operating season will start April 25th 2024 and end October 11th 2024.  We are flexible if you need to show up a little latter or leave a littler earlier as long as we work collaboratively to ensure everyone is successful.  We would like to ensure everyone's success so we would like to see staff arrive in Ketchikan a week prior to the season starting so that we can provide as much training as possible.  

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