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You will find detailed job descriptions on our website.  We prioritize rehiring past team members, and offer two terms for some positions.  While we offer the below positions, some may already be filled for the season.  Please check our website to see what vacancies are available for this season. 

  • Boat Captain
  • Chef
  • Indoor Camp Hand
  • Outdoor Camp Hand
  • Guide/Floater

How to Apply

Please understand the only available jobs are the ones listed on our website.

Please visit our webpage to learn more about where we are, who we are, and what we do. 

Carefully review our available Job Descriptions and Employee Handbook.  They are extensive and provide a good description of what we provide and what we expect from you.   

Then completely fill out and submit electronically our Job Application.  Simply forwarding your resume without filling out the application indicates you're not that interested in earning the position.  

Thank you again for considering us!  We hope to work with you this summer.

Birch and Tiffany Robbins 

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