Ketchikan Photo Safari

Wandering Road
Harbor Scene
Macro mushroom
Bar Harbor

KetchikanPhotoSafari GUIDES teach photo techniques & tips while visiting 8 sites and sharing narration along the way.

As part of a small group (max of 9), spend 3 hours in the Ketchikan area, traveling with your Ketchikan Photo Safari Guide who shares great insight & knowledge.  You will visit multiple sites to be given the best possible opportunities to use your photographic equipment to achieve iconic photos of the Ketchikan area.

Ketchikan, Alaska is in the southern most section of the Alaskan panhandle and just 90 minutes from Seattle by Alaska Airlines. Ketchikan hosts 1,000,000+ cruise ship visitors annually.

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Ketchikan Photo Safari

Ketchikan, Alaska

Guide a small group, 3 HR Photography Tour via Ford Transit van.

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