Ketchikan Photo Safari

Wandering Road

Guide a small group, 3 HR Photography Tour via Ford Transit van.

Ketchikan is the southern most town in ALASKA on the ocean's Inside Passage with beauty & wildlife!

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Ketchikan, Alaska
$22.00 - $29.50 / hour + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 3 months. (May 01, 2023)

Greet and lead a small group (max size of 9) on a 3-hour photo tour to 8 separate photo stops in the Ketchikan, Alaska area.  We expect circa 1.2 million cruise ship guests to visit Ketchikan this season.  Do you have experience in photography and an interest in learning teaching techniques for DSLR, Point'N'Shoot and cell phone cameras? All while visiting sites with great photo ops...And engaging in conversations and instruction with a diverse group of visitors from around the world.  Want to learn and deliver interesting narratives as you travel between sites covering subjects such as history, culture, arts, economy, geography + anecdotal stories?  A typical day is conducting two tours at 3.5 hours each (30 minutes to greet + 3 hr. tour).  We pay by the hour + per passenger + tips + season-end bonus.  We also pay $300/month housing allowance and will strive to assist you in finding housing that meets your needs...... perhaps exceeds your expectations.

During your off hours and off days enjoy miles of rainforest hiking trails, bike paths, beaches and shorelines, a vibrant arts community, sports fishing, flight-seeing, boating, shrimping, crabbing, kayaking and of course, PHOTOGRAPHY!

Ketchikan Photo Safari began in 2019 and experienced a 275% growth in 2022.  Full-time employees will work from 30 to 40+ hours per week with 30 hours as a guaranteed minimum.  We pay $15/hr + $5/customer + a season-end bonus of $1/hr for achieving 5 5-Star ratings on TripAdvisor or $2/hr for achieving 10 5-Star ratings.  This bonus is paid retroactively to the first hour worked......PLUS TIPS!

Please visit our website:   Click on the Job Opportunities 2023 button and Application Form button.  You may also look us up on TripAdvisor to read reviews.

One of our guests posted a video of her Ketchikan Photo Safari here, please view to gain a customer's perspective:

We provide a training manual, in-person training and ride-a-long coaching to insure you feel confident in your job.

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