Kerouac's Restaurant & Bar

Live music in the summer
Dharma Bum burger and fresh cut fries
Dining Room
Just up the hill -- the entrance of Great Basin National Park!
Belly up to the bar!
Artisan pizza with 48 hour dough fermentation
Cocktail special with local gin
Our oasis in the desert
Kind mention in the New York Times!

An oasis in the desert.

Kerouac's Restaurant is a labor of love from hospitality veterans Jake Cerese and Kate Claeys. We offer a dining experience that is both sophisticated and approachable. We serve breakfast, dinner and bar service seasonally, 6 months a year. Our food menus are small, as we focus on quality over quantity: sourcing high quality, local ingredients and making most items from scratch.

We are located in Baker, Nevada, about 10 minutes outside of Great Basin National Park. Baker is in the high desert, situated at 5300 feet elevation and surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

About Kerouac's Restaurant & Bar

Kerouac's Restaurant owners Jake & Kate are committed to providing both guests and employees with a unique experience. We have worked in many restaurants over the years and have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. While we are not perfect, we are dedicated to putting our employees in a position to succeed and to provide a respectful, harmonious, and engaging work environment. 

Baker is a small town with only 100 year-round residents. It is the gateway to Great Basin National Park, so we receive many visitors throughout the year but especially during our high season (late Spring through early Fall).

The Employee Experience

Our staff is the lifeline of the business. We respect you and treat you like family. We understand that running a successful restaurant is a team effort, and we're always open to suggestions and improvements.

Work Schedule: Employees are scheduled to work a 6 day work week. Each day is typically a 8.5-10 hour shift with a 30 minute meal break. 

Daily Life: Baker, Nevada, is the gateway to Great Basin National Park. Hiking, caving, biking, stargazing, and many other outdoor activities are accessible just outside your doorstep. It is a small town of about 100 diverse people from ranchers to artists. Baker has a coffee cart, a bar, and one other restaurant in town. There is a park cafe 10 minutes away and a restaurant and casino 10 minutes away in the other direction. Ely is the closest city (1 hour away) with regular amenities such as a grocery store and banking. We sell a small selection of groceries at our motel office.

Our restaurant and bar is visited by both tourists and locals; working here is a great way to meet new people, make friends, and get involved in social activities. As owners, we moved here from New York City and while we will always love the city, we have embraced life in this remote area and absolutely love it here!

Ideal Candidate

We are seeking individuals or couples who bring a positive attitude to the work place on a daily basis. We expect you to have a "no task too big, no task too small" attitude with a natural inclination for high-quality work. Team work, collaboration, respect, and willingness to learn from mistakes are all key ingredients in our workplace.

Experience is helpful and is a big factor in our hiring process, but it's not everything. All applicants who have a solid work ethic and an enthusiasm for our food, attention to detail, and overall vision will be considered. We want to surround ourselves with energetic, talented, adventure-seeking people who inspire us and vice-versa. We encourage new ideas and want our restaurant to constantly get better.

We pride ourselves on our nationally recognized beverage program. We want our staff to have an appreciation and knowledge of cocktails, wine, and beer while maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol. Abuse of alcohol or other substances will not be tolerated. 

We are hard-working and detail-oriented owners. Our restaurant is a meeting place for locals and a destination spot for tourists, known as much for great food as for warm, caring service. We strive to build upon our success by creating a positive and fun environment for our guests, our staff, and ourselves.

Room and Board

Room & Board: Housing in Baker is extremely limited. Unless you have your own RV you will most likely need us to assist you with housing. A private room with shared common spaces, including 2 bathrooms, kitchen, washer and dryer, and living room with large TV is available for low monthly rent. The house is fully furnished. 

Staff Meals: 1 family meal prior to dinner service is included 6 days a week. If you work breakfast service, you get an additional meal. We do everything we can to provide additional food to our staff when possible. We also provide each employee (21 years or older), with one shift drink at the end of their shift and discounts on additional food or drink.

Employee Perks

We offer a mid-season employee retreat to a destination in Nevada or Utah, where we can recharge the batteries, explore nature, and bond with our restaurant family. 

We also offer automatic salary increases for employees who return for future seasons.

Employees also receive discounts of groceries, restaurant food, and motel discounts if friends or family come to visit.

Getting Here and Getting Around

This is the responsibility of the employee. The closest major airport is Salt Lake City, about 3.5 hours away. Las Vegas is also an option and 4.5 hours away. We are happy to pick you up from the airport, but the plane ticket will be your responsibility. If you own a car, we recommend driving here. There are no issues with parking and this will give you extra freedom on a daily basis and especially on your day off.

For Fun

Hiking, biking, camping, cave expeditions, park ranger talks, Friday night live music, scenic panoramic views, swimming holes, Snake Valley Festival, Astronomy Festival, and more. There are also opportunities to volunteer in the national park, helping with trail maintenance, manning telescopes on astronomy nights, or supporting rangers while they tag bats or count animal populations. We encourage you to enjoy your environment!

How to Apply

We would like to learn more about you so that we can move on to the next step.

Please send a cover letter to  telling us a little bit about yourself, why you are passionate about the hospitality industry, and why you feel like this could be a good fit for all of us. We will only consider candidates who submit a thoughtful cover letter that expresses your personality and your values. 

Also, please send a current resume in the body of the email or as an attachment. 

We conduct interviews by video call (FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video, Skype, etc).

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