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Just up the hill -- the entrance of Great Basin National Park!
Dining Room
Dining Room
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Kerouac's Bar

An oasis in the desert.

Kerouac's Restaurant is a labor of love from hospitality veterans Jake Cerese and Kate Claeys. We offer a dining experience that is both sophisticated and approachable. We serve breakfast, dinner and bar service 6 days a week, approximately 7 months a year. Our food menus are small, as we try to source high quality, local ingredients and make as much from scratch as possible.

We are located in Baker, Nevada, about 10 minutes outside of Great Basin National Park. Baker is in the high desert, situated at 5300 feet elevation and surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

About Kerouac's Restaurant & Bar

Kerouac's Restaurant owners Jake & Kate are committed to providing both guests and employees with a unique experience. We have worked in many restaurants over the years and have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. While we are not perfect, we are dedicated to putting our employees in a position to succeed and to provide a respectful, harmonious, and engaging work environment. 

Baker is a small town with only 70 year-round residents. It is the gateway to Great Basin National Park, so we receive many visitors throughout the year but especially during our high season (late Spring through early Fall).

The Employee Experience

Our staff is the lifeline of the business. We respect you and treat you like family. We understand that running a successful restaurant is a team effort, and we're always open to suggestions and improvements.

Work Schedule: Employees are scheduled to work a 6 day work week. Each day is typically a 8.5 hour shift with a 30 minute meal break. The restaurant is closed one day a week and that is everyone's day off. 

Daily Life: Baker, Nevada, is the gateway to Great Basin National Park. Hiking, biking, stargazing and many other outdoor activities are accessible just outside your doorstep. It is a small town of about 70 diverse people from ranchers to artists. Baker has a coffee cart, a bar, and one other restaurant in town. There is a park cafe 10 minutes away and a restaurant and casino 10 minutes away in the other direction. Ely is the closest city (1 hour away) with regular amenities such as a grocery store and banking. Our restaurant and bar is visited by both tourists and locals; working here is a great way to meet new people, make friends, and get involved in social activities. As owners, we moved here from New York City and while we will always love the city, we have embraced life in this remote area and absolutely love it here!

Ideal Candidate

We are seeking individuals who bring a positive attitude to the work place on a daily basis. We understand that life has its ups and downs and do everything we can to support you, but we also expect you to put on a positive game face even if you are having a bad day. 

Experience is helpful and is a big factor in our hiring process, but it's not everything. We want to surround ourselves with energetic, talented, adventure-seeking people who inspire us and vice-versa. We encourage new ideas and want our restaurant to constantly get better. 

We are hard-working and detail-oriented owners. We expect a solid work ethic and prefer to hire people who are excited by what we are trying to accomplish. We want this restaurant to be a meeting place for locals and a destination spot for tourists, known as much for great food as for warm, caring service. More important than anything, we want a positive and fun working environment for our staff and ourselves.

Room and Board

Room & Board: Are included and no extra cost to the employee. Housing is to be determined based on individual needs. (ex. If you have a car or if you are a couple sharing a room).

Staff Meals: 1 family meal prior to dinner service is included 6 days a week. If you work breakfast service, you get an additional meal. We do everything we can to provide additional food to our staff when possible. We also provide each employee (21 years or older), with one shift drink at the end of their shift and discounts on additional food or drink.

Getting Here and Getting Around

This is the responsibility of the employee. The closest major airport is Salt Lake City, about 3.5 hours away. Las Vegas is also an option and 4.5 hours away. We are happy to pick you up from the airport, but the plane ticket will be your responsibility. If you own a car, we recommend driving here. There are no issues with parking and this will give you extra freedom on a daily basis and especially on your day off.

For Fun

Hiking, biking, cave expeditions, park ranger talks, Friday night live music, scenic panoramic views, swimming holes, Snake Valley Festival, Astronomy Festival, and more. There are also opportunities to volunteer in the national park, helping with trail maintenance, manning telescopes on astronomy nights, or supporting rangers while they tag bats or count animal populations. We encourage you to enjoy your environment!

Our Jobs



Baker/Prep/Pantry Cook: (Hired, please apply if you’d like to be considered as an alternate for this position) This position is for someone with versatility and the everyday ability to multi-task. During dinner service, primary responsibilities will be plating salads and desserts. The rest of the shift will consist of food prep and bakery prep. Someone with a combination of basic to intermediate baking/pastry experience and culinary experience that likes to have their hands in a little bit of everything will be the ideal fit for this role. 

Bartender: (Hired, please apply if you’d like to be considered as an alternate for this position) Kerouac's is known for its bar. We offer a carefully curated wine list (featuring a large selection of European wine), about 20 craft beers and ciders, boutique house cocktails and over 120 spirits from all over the world! The bartender is responsible for making all drinks for the restaurant, serving the bar, working with the owner on inventory, making daily cocktail specials, and cleaning and breaking down of the dining room.

Host/Backwaiter: (Hired, please apply if you’d like to be considered as an alternate for this position) The host/backwaiter is responsible for greeting, seating, and managing a waitlist. This position will also provide support for the head server and bartender during meal service. Each shift will include side work and cleaning duties as well.

Dishwasher: (Hired, please apply if you’d like to be considered as an alternate for this position) The dishwasher role will be responsible for the dish machine and 3-compartment sink. Also, the ability to be flexible and help out with prep and food running is an added bonus. Typical cleaning, scheduled deep cleaning, and shift breakdown are regular duties. 

Cook:  (Hired, please apply if you’d like to be considered as an alternate for this position) Primary line cook for dinner service. Prep, family meal, daily specials, cleaning, dishwashing when needed, and scheduled deep cleaning.

Compensation: Salaried positions with shared tips. Both front of the house and back of the house share tips as we believe this encourages camaraderie and distributes wages more fairly. Salary combined with tips, lodging, meals provides the individual with a generous package and an opportunity to save. A performance-based bonus will be given upon completion of the contracted season. There is ample time to explore the beauty around you -- another bonus!

How to Apply

We would like to learn a little bit about you so that we can move on to the next step.

Please send a cover letter to (1 paragraph is fine but if you feel inspired to write more there is no restriction) telling us a little bit about yourself and why you feel like this could be a good fit for all of us. 

Also, please send a current resume in the body of the email or as an attachment. 

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