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  • Sea Kayak Guide

    $120.00 / day + tips

    Each year, we hire 13 - 15 sea kayaking guides to run half, full, and multi-day sea kayaking tours in Resurrection Bay & Kenai Fjords National Park. Our tours are educational-based, and focus on environmental preservation and Leave-No-Trace practices. Our goal is to inspire our guests to join us in reclaiming an active stewardship of our natural world.

    We look for guides who are kind, mature, reliable, active, passionate, enthusiastic, natural leaders, and simply honest, hard-working individuals. Previous kayaking skills and guiding skills are great to have, but these are things we will definitely teach you either way. The days are long and bright, leaving plenty of time to both work and play. We ideally look for people who want to return every summer and grow within the company over the years. 

    All guides working for Kayak Adventures must be at least 21 years old.  Guides are expected to be in Seward by April 28th to begin our training and must be able to stay through early-September when the season ends.  Guides must hold a current Wilderness First Responder certification by the time employment begins (we offer a class in the spring, if you need it).

    We run the most extensive paid guide training in the area, which is required of all employees (new and returning guides), and lasts for over three weeks. It’s a lot of fun and offers incredible opportunities for growth. During guide training, guides are responsible for focusing on their learning and education. After guide training, they are responsible for packing trips, leading trips, food preparation, unpacking / inventorying / repairing gear, and driving trips to and from the beach. Housing is provided and other responsibilities go along with that. All of this is outlined in detail in our thorough employment application.

    This will most likely be the hardest job you’ll ever love.  The position of kayak guide will require a good degree of physical fitness, solid upper body strength, and a very sociable personality. You will be interacting with the public on a daily basis, and showing them what is so amazing about our little corner of Alaska. You will work long hours, sometimes in challenging conditions, but the rewards are countless and completely worth the effort.

  • Logistics Coordinator

    Office Staff
    $225.00 / day

    We are looking for a kind, mature, inspirational person with leadership skills, professionalism, and enthusiasm, to accompany strong communication, office, computer, and organizational skills. Applicants for this position must want to handle logistics, reservations, and customer service for an outdoor operator, in a fast-paced work environment. Multi-tasking skills are a must, and the ability to make decisions under pressure is key. This position is ideal for someone who is potentially interested in someday owning their own outdoor company, as the LC will be directly involved in all aspects of the daily operations at the shop. Applicants for this position must be strong and fit, as the LC position involves loading/unloading/carrying kayaks. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. A current driving record, resume, references, and a completed application are all required for consideration.

    The LC position will join us for our 3+ week training, beginning on April 28th.  The LC will receive a stipend throughout training until they are qualified to handle the work without assistance, at which point the pay rate will be per day.  The LC must commit to the whole summer, through early-September.  The workday starts early and ends late, and is filled with lots of multi-tasking. It’s a busy day, meeting and greeting customers, handling all reservations and phone, email, walk-in inquiries, managing guide work assignments, and occasionally driving trips to and from the beach. This person must be able to coordinate many logistical details while maintaining a friendly, relaxed, and supportive presence in the office.

How to Apply

If our company culture seems to align with your personal core values, we’d love to hear from you. Building a supportive, uplifting, and inspiring team is one of the greatest joys of working at KAW for the summer, and we look forward to you being a part of it. Please contact the owners, Hannah + Trent, via email at fun@kayakak.com, for access to the application. This will most likely be the hardest job you'll ever love. 

We require all guides to send in a completed application with references and to take part in an interview process. We collect applications until January 15th each year. Don’t wait – give us a shout now to access an application, as we review them and hire on a rolling basis.

Kayak Adventures values a diverse workplace and strongly encourages women, BIPOC, LGBT individuals, members of ethnic minorities and marginalized communities to apply. The outdoors are for everyone, you are welcome here.

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