Juneau Zipline Operations

Juneau Zipline Guide

$15.00 / hour

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A Zipline Guide is responsible for instructing and leading participant groups through our zip-line course, working with another zipline guide. Applicants must have a strong risk management and customer service orientation. Qualified applicants will go through an extensive training program and must pass a written and on-the-job skill test and maintain those skills in a weekly skill test evaluation. Additional training is provided for any job functions as required.

Summary of essential job functions

  • Conducts tours in the time allotted with adherence to quality standards
  • Responsible for assisting in the progress and safety of a participating group
  • Must be able to complete an inspection of all course components and of all course gear
  • Must be able to fit harnesses and helmets correctly as well as supervise the use of all personal and group safety equipment
  • Must be able to assist in a Participant Orientation Session and evaluate potential group risks
  • Assist with course maintenance efforts as required
  • Must be able to life 50+ pounds