Juneau Zipline Operations

Zipline Guide

$15.00 / hour

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A Zipline guide is responsible for instructing and leading participant groups onto zip course with another zipline guide. This position may require prior knowledge of climbing and rappelling, and applicants must have a strong risk management orientation. Qualified applicants will go through an extensive training program and must pass a written and on-the-job skill test. Additional training is provided for any job description changes once the initial training program is completed.

Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Zipline guide is responsible for assisting in the progress of a participant group
  • Must be able to complete an inspection of all course components and of all course gear
  • Must be able to fit harnesses and helmets correctly as well as supervise the use of all personal and group safety equipment
  • Must be able to assist in a Participant Orientation Session and evaluate potential group risks
  • Assist with course maintenance efforts as required