Juneau Zipline Operations

Dock Operations Lead

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The Dock Operations Lead is responsible for planning, organizing, managing, and coordination of daily tours and collection of services provided to cruise lines and other customers. This position serves as the liaison between the company and cruise lines as well as the transportation companies. Applicants must have a tourism industry background with experience in financial transactions and customer service.

Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Coordinates and manages daily tour departures and related activities
  • Work closely with transportation to coordinate ship counts and tour allocations
  • Prepares daily schedules and ensure timely departure of tours
  • Keeps detailed, accurate and precise records of ship financial and other pertinent information
  • Ensure accurate and timely invoicing and settling of all tour products for each ship
  • Maintain and cultivate a friendly & professional working relationship with all cruise line personnel and strengthen relationship with company
  • Monitor quality control of all services and products and make suggestions for improvement
  • Provides and maintains tour brochures and flyers for onboard sales