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Bear Guide

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As a naturalist bear guide, it is your utmost responsibility to ensure quality customer service is paramount.  This responsibility includes diligently maintaining the vehicle driven each day and providing each participant with a quality nature/wildlife experience. In addition to company product knowledge, this position also requires the knowledge and adherence to company safety procedures and requirements. 

Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Establish warm and friendly relationship with each participant group upon their arrival and departure
  • Assist passengers on and off aircraft and while they are walking on ramps, docks, or trail
  • Monitor and control assigned passenger groups for the duration of their tour while searching for wildlife
  • Provide safety briefing to assigned passenger groups regarding tour guidelines and safety
  • Drive passengers to and from the trailhead at remote location(s), never exceeding 25 mph
  • Provide narration regarding flora, fauna, and associated wildlife while leading them down trails
  • Remain in continuous radio contact with dispatch
  • Collect trash and maintain cleanliness of trail and in each vehicle
  • Communicate to dispatch and participants any delays or weather challenges
  • Work closely with dispatch to coordinate ship counts and schedule variations throughout the day
  • Maintain detailed and accurate daily guide reports as well as trip sheets on vehicle
  • Monitor tour quality and report needs for improvement to supervisor