Jewell Gardens

The gardens at night
Poppies all gussied up for the Harvest Dinner
Please don't forget to take a garden walk daily, you never know what you will find!
Halibut special in Poppies
Happy carrots

Glassblowing Studios and a Farm to Table Restaurant nestled inside SE Alaska's Organic Show Garden (and vegetable!)

Come join our team in Skagway, Alaska for an up-beat, fun summer season! Jewell Gardens is an organic show and vegetable garden on the outskirts of town hosting a farm to table restaurant, glassblowing studios, and a buzzing gift shop.

Skagway has a year round population of 800 residents, but during the summer months our population swells to about 3,500 with the influx of seasonal workers. It has the tendency to be a very social town, with many interesting people passing through working seasonally. There is plenty of wilderness around to find real solitude in the majestic mountains!

Jobs in the Spotlight


Jewell Gardens
Skagway, Alaska

Glassblowing job in the Garden City of Alaska, Skagway!