Jewell Gardens

The gardens at night
Poppies all gussied up for the Harvest Dinner
Please don't forget to take a garden walk daily, you never know what you will find!
Halibut special in Poppies
Happy carrots
Glass strawberry production in our New Hot Shop
Welcome to Alaska! Ride your bike (or take the train) up to the historical White Pass summit
Beautiful garden weddings
The whole crew gets together to do some yard work to celebrate Charlotte Jewell!
Ladies manning the veggie booth at Farm Stand Friday!
What doesn't rhubarb go in?
Beautiful swiss chard
Did we mention a lot blooms in our gardens?
Lillies and glass sculptures in the gardens
Lettuce galore in the gardens
Great employees buying veggies and pizza
The gift shop roof gets some TLC!
One of our favorite artists and gardeners playing at Farm Stand
Getting prepared to go down to the dock!
Some of our hardest working employees
2018 Harvest Dinner was delicious!
Pizza chefs in action
Two things we love- Henry Clark (the OG Jewell Gardens farmer) and rhubarb!

Glassblowing Studios and a Farm to Table Restaurant nestled inside SE Alaska's Organic Show Garden (and vegetable!)

Come join our team in Skagway, Alaska for an up-beat, fun summer season! Jewell Gardens is an organic show and vegetable garden on the outskirts of town hosting a farm to table restaurant, glassblowing studios, and a buzzing gift shop.

Skagway has a year round population of 800 residents, but during the summer months our population swells to about 3,500 with the influx of seasonal workers. It has the tendency to be a very social town, with many interesting people passing through working seasonally. There is plenty of wilderness around to find real solitude in the majestic mountains!

About Jewell Gardens

Jewell Gardens is an organic show and vegetable garden located in Skagway, Alaska! We have glassblowing studios, a farm to table restaurant, and an on-site gift shop. We're looking for self-motivated people to join our eclectic crew. Most of the visitors to our gardens are passing through Skagway on cruise ships and are gone by the time night falls. We strive for them to have the best experience throughout Jewell Gardens and leave them with smiles that last the rest of their vacation!

Everyday is different, as we have lots of different duties that need to be done. We promise no day will be boring and encourage you to fill your 40 hours a week digging in the garden or in the other departments of our operation. Whether you are glassblowing, gardening, giving tours, waiting tables, preparing food, or working in the office, the view from "your office" is the Harding Glacier and the everblooming flowers in the gardens.

The Employee Experience

At Jewell Gardens, our main asset is our employees. We value our employees and strive to welcome you to our team, provide relationship building opportunities amongst our employees, and create a fun and happy place to work. Sometimes days can be long but we are all in this together and we will do our best to support you! Jewell Gardens hires many seasonal employees each summer. It’s a great place to work – in a beautiful setting where you’ll make many great friends.

Ideal Candidate

Want to work with fun loving adventurous people in a beautiful place? Our happiest employees enjoy the fast paced, ever changing, community environment at Jewell Gardens. We are a vibrant, fun crew looking for self motivated people to join our team! 

Room and Board

Housing is a commodity in our Gold Rush town! Luckily, we have two options for employee housing (but space is limited)...

Most of our employees live in a large house in town, we call the "Beeks Residence".  This is a 6 bedroom/3 bathroom house with a great view, a green house, laundry machines, on-street parking, and large yard. This is a fun living environment, just blocks away from the restaurants and bars in town. Bedrooms are large and can house up to three people in each room. You are a .7 of a mile from Jewell Gardens and we have a limited amount of bikes for employees to use. While it may seem like a lot of people in one house (this is actually pretty normal for Skagway), it creates a great family experience and lots of good friends are made.

We also have four on-site small “cabins”, located in the rear of the gardens which can house a single person or cozy couple. These cabins have electricity, but no water. Toilets are located 20 yards away at Jewell Gardens. The "Finney House", our kitchen and break room, can be used 24/7. There is great fire pit and your commute to work is just a few steps! For showers, a Skagway Recreation Center pass is provided for employees living on-site.  

Only pre-approved animals are allowed in community housing. Sadly, no pets are allowed in the garden.

If you choose not to reside in employee housing, it is best to start looking for alternative housing as soon as you secure a job. The demand for seasonal housing is very high so housing can be quite expensive and difficult to find. 

Employee Perks

Welcome to our Jewell Gardens family! We have a lot of fun together, work well together, and would love to welcome you to our family. We also have fun perks to reward you:

  • Restaurant discounts
  • Low cost employee lunches
  • Beginning and End of the Season Employee parties
  • Bicycles (first come first serve)
  • Produce (when available)
  • 25% off in our gift shop and 50% off of one item (of any price)
  • Blow your own glass ornament for free (one per season)

Getting Here and Getting Around

Most of our employees fly or take the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry into Skagway. If you choose to fly, book your flight to Juneau, AK and catch one of the ferries to Skagway (State or Fast Ferry). You can also fly into Skagway from Juneau on Alaska Seaplanes!

You can take the State Ferry all the way from Bellingham, WA if you're into a 4 day beautiful adventure. They even let you pitch a tent on the front of the ferry!

Make sure to let us know when you arrive at the airport or ferry terminal so we can come pick you up.

Skagway can also be reached via car but you have to drive through Canada. There are two breathtaking roads you can drive-- the mighty Alcan and the Cassier-- with endless camping possibilities. It is quite an adventure, but some of our employees make the drive each year!

You don't need a car to live in Skagway. The town in a mile long with Jewell Gardens at mile 1.5 from the docks. Most hikes in the area can be reached right from town and we have lots of bikes for employees to borrow! Please bring your own if you are picky. There is also a bus (SMART bus) that runs through town which is free for residents and is a great option!

Check out this great publication that the City of Skagway puts out to help you get settled into town--

For Fun

Skagway is definitely a fun town and there is something for everyone to do here! There are lots of community events throughout the season (some hosted at Jewell Gardens). There is even a music festival in nearby Atlin, BC that is a lot of fun (make sure to bring your passport!). There are a good number of bars which host too many "Dance Nights"! Skagway has two breweries and a distillery. You have got to try the Alaska's signature Spruce Tip Ales!

The Northern Lights tend to appear in late September, which never cease to take our breath away. With 7 hikes leaving directly from town and additional hikes via the White Pass train, Skagway does not disappoint the hikers and outdoor connoisseurs. The historic Chilkoot Trail begins outside of Skagway and can be hiked throughout the season with a few days off. There is one mountain bike trail up AB Mountain and a great trail system in Carcross, Canada, just a 1.5 hour drive away. Haines, AK, accessible by fast ferry, is just across the canal from us and offers a quick get away and hosts the SE Alaska State Fair every season!

Did we mention that the town of Skagway is a National Park? For you history buffs, there is no shortage of talks, tours, and events to go to!

For additional information:

How to Apply

Simply, click the APPLY button below and fill out our online job application! And please email your portfolio (if applying for Glass position) to

Expect to hear from us within two weeks. If selected for an interview, we will get in touch with you to schedule your video interview. Find us on Skype, @jewellgardens.

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