Kitchen Staff
Jerry's Restaurant and Bar

Our Restaurant is located next to the Northern Most Buoy of the USA

Kitchen Staff needed for Growing Restaurant to serve Guests and Tourists.

Located within a lodge community with guests traveling from far and wide to Fish on LOTW.

  • summer
  • winter
Angle Inlet, Minnesota
$16.50 - $18.00 / hour + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts immediately!

Jerry's Restaurant and Bar - the most northern USA Bar/Restaurant located on the mainland of Northwest Angle in Minnesota.  Very Remote location.  We are currently seeking kitchen staff. The position we are hiring for could be asked to perform the following duties cook-to-order line cook from a menu, prepare items for daily service, wash dishes, and cleaning/organizing the entire kitchen area and equipment. 

We are seeking candidates who are serious about remote work in a kitchen and can guarantee a 2-month minimum employment cycle.  Fulltime and Year-round employment is an option at the end of the 2-month commitment.  Employees are invited to join in menu creation and development with final decision resting with Operational Manager.  OM is open, honest, transparent and fair.  When fully staffed, all staff members will earn 2 consecutive days off each week and one dinner shift off a week to balance personal life and work life.  Overtime will be minimal but full-time hours are more than available for multiple candidates with upcoming forecasts for the business.  

Qualified Candidates are invited to apply by providing resume/work experience via the email or facebook messenger in links.  A phone/zoom interview will be scheduled.  If hired, it is the responsibility of the candidate to travel to the Angle on their own and bring items necessary for living.  Housing for qualified candidates will include a private room with shared co-ed community areas (living room, kitchen, and bathroom).

Jerry's Restaurant and Bar is in a growing stage and with forecasts and goals set forward by owner and manager we are well on our way to being a completely sustainable, profitable, and a growing force in the Angle.  This is shared in this post to share additionally, that growth, position enhancement, and raises of pay are all available for the right person, in the right position, who shows care/concern for the business as a whole and not just independent growth/self-concern.  We consider our work-mates, family members and teammates not just a staff member.  

PAY:  Bi-weekly check (every two weeks) for salary with direct deposit.  Kitchen staff pay will be based on work experience and negotiations during interview within the range of $16.50 - $18.00 an hour.  Kitchen staff are tipped out from the front-of-house staff at the end of each shift in cash.  Additionally, housing is included and no living expenses (rent, electricity bills, wifi, etc...).   

How to Apply

Please send resume or work experience and future availability to or log on to our facebook page - and send a private message from their with the same information.  Please include a phone number in your message as the Operations Manager will be calling qualified candidates to setup a zoom/phone interview.  Please do your research prior to applying.  A simple google search will give a lot of insight as to location and remoteness of the position.  Qualified candidates will be considered but candidates who understand the business/industry and remoteness of the position will be given early consideration.  

Candidates who are hired will need reliable transportation to the Northwest Angle, a passport or birth certificate for crossing Canadian Border (NO Felonies on background - this includes DUIs 10 years or younger since charge - this is Canadian Law and you will not be permitted to travel through to get back to the USA.).  NOTE**  Travel is gravel roads, snow covered, etc... 

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