J-Dock Seafood Company

Help us bring Wild Alaskan Seafood to the table

J-Dock Seafood Company is a family owned operation on the Kenai Peninsula. We specialize in custom seafood processing for sportfishing anglers but equally nourish our seafood market and gift shop. Located in Seward’s Boat Harbor and immersed in the electricity of fishing season, we see some of Alaska’s most beautiful catches on our dock. We hope to see you there!

Our team is located a little over 120 miles South of Anchorage on the Kenia Peninsula in beautiful Seward, Alaska

About J-Dock Seafood Company

J-Dock was founded by Kamell Allaway ll in the early 2000s. When he suddenly passed it was through deeply rooted passion that the business was saved. His wife, son, and daughter now run the operation in his honor. Located in Seward's Boat Harbor and immersed in the electricity of fishing season, we see some of Alaska's most beautiful catches on our dock and can process up to 6,000 lbs. per day. We spend long hours at the docks preparing our guest's catch for optimum longevity while sustaining a simple and natural process. Our seasons makes for valuable memories, a unique experience, and strong character building. We hope you join us for the ride!

The Employee Experience

Working at J-Dock is a fast paced high energy job. We work long shifts, but we find the 19 hours of daylight and contagious joy from travelers to be encouraging. We get the opportunity to take someone's catch from a trip of a lifetime, package & ship it home for them to enjoy with family & friends year around, that itself is rewarding.  

We see a strong bond form amongst our employees every season. You will work with strangers from different parts of the world and then suddenly they become your family. We have a large percentage of returning customers so everywhere you look is a familiar face. You will find that this job is challenging at times, but your time here with us will be an adventurous, exciting, and new experience.

Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate is a team player who is hardworking, determined, motivated, socially inclined and customer service oriented. 

Room and Board

Housing is available for $500 per month. It is a 4 apartment complex. Each apartment has two bedrooms, one bathroom, full kitchen and living room. You will share an apartment with 3-5 people. Our crew house is a few miles out of town so a car is recommended for your transportation to and from work. All rent payments will be taken automatically from your paycheck and your final paycheck will be given upon inspection of the apartment for any damage or mess left behind.

Employee Perks

The greatest perk of all is to experience one of the most beautiful parts of Alaska with breathtaking mountains, exotic wildlife, and a fishing culture unlike any other.  There are scenic hikes along with a variety of outfitters in town that will offer comped or discounted trips to J-Dock employees. For the healthy minded individual, all J-Dock employees get free access to the local gym in town. If there is a last minute opening available on one of our fishing charters, we will offer it to an employee if the work schedule permits.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Employees are responsible for their airfare to Anchorage as well as their transportation from Anchorage to Seward (train, shuttle, or car are all available options). Employees are also responsible for their transportation to and from work. We recommend a car. Bikes and other forms of transportation are not encouraged for commuting to and from work. We often see a handful of our employees purchase a used car together for the summer, share rides, and sell the vehicles at the end of the season. These ride shares are not organized by the company and you are responsible for being on-time and present for your shift.

For Fun

Aside from the exciting energy of J-Dock and the fishing community, you'll have days throughout the season to explore the stunning nature of Seward, Alaska through various hikes, kayaking, oceanic tours, helicopter tours, national parks, glacier viewings, zip lining, dog sledding, and much much more!!!

How to Apply

Please contact Kristyn via email listed below and provide your resume. After that an application form will be sent to you and we will schedule an in person or FaceTime interview.  We look forward to getting to know you further!

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