Izaak's Restaurant

Izaak's is a Foodie's Destination in REAL Montana!

We are Izaak's Restaurant in Craig, Montana. Serving American comfort food with a twist focusing on world class barbeque! Izaak's is a foodie's destination!

Izaak's is located in beautiful Craig Montana near the banks of the Missouri River right off of i-15. Helena and Great Falls is 40 miles away,

About Izaak's Restaurant

Izaaks Restaurant is a fun and busy business located on the banks of the mighty Missouri River in beautiful Craig, Montana. We serve locals and tourists alike who mainly come here to fly fish this amazing river. This is a chef-owned business and the owner is hands-on during nightly service.  Our menu is focused on gourmet comfort food with a twist and world-class BBQ, Nightly specials using international products and some modern techniques.  Our beverage service features handmade craft cocktails as well as a wide variety of local beers, a strong wine list and libations. 

We are privileged to live and work in such a beautiful place and we strive for a great service experience every night for both our guests and our staff.  We are searching for employees that love what we do and strive for awesome customer satisfaction and have a love for the great outdoors.

We are also growing our business this year with plans to expand our food and beverage opportunities by building a new production kitchen in order to produce a variety of food products. This will diversify our business and help to create more year-round opportunities for our staff.

The Employee Experience

Izaaks Restaurant is an employee-driven company that values and respects the experience and opinions of our staff.  We emphasize the importance of teamwork and the well-being of our staff members as an important element to the well-being of the business.  The restaurant is located in the heart of an outdoor paradise with limitless opportunities to experience the beauty of Montana and the American West.  Izaaks is the gathering place for Montanans as well as visitors from all over the globe, providing the opportunity for a rich experience for both the customers and employees.  Our customers come back year after year, want to know your story and get to know our employees personally, and together with our staff, make Izaaks feel like a family.

Ideal Candidate

We strive to recruit employees that love the work that we do, and understand what it takes to be successful in the restaurant business.  Our ideal employees understand what it takes to work as a team, and can keep an open mind and a positive outlook.  At the height of the season, the atmosphere at Izaaks revs up to a high intensity that is an extremely fun and profitable experience We hire people who have self respect, take care of their own health, and have the ability to be creative to make the collective experience an awesome one.

Room and Board

Many housing opportunities exist in the area.  We are located 35-40 miles from Helena and Great Falls.  Cascade is about 20 miles away, all of the local communities have real estate opportunities.  We will assist as much as possible. We also have a few rentals available.

We also extend a 30% discount for food for foh and a free meal nightly for boh.

Employee Perks

All jobs at Izaaks are a seasonal commitment.  We expect our employees to commit to the entire season, and celebrate our success and hard work at the end of the season with us.  There are end of the season bonuses available to those who perform as expected and stay to help us close down at the end of October. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Montana is a very big state and an automobile is imperative here.  Many of our employees over the years commute from Helena or Great Falls.  Craig is a rural town without many services.  There is a gas station 5 miles away and a convenience store with very basic provisions. The closest town is Cascade or Wolf Creek and grocery stores are up to 20 miles away.  In the past staff have coordinated to carpool or help each other out with acquiring provisions from "town" when needed.

Greyhound bus line is available to Craig.

For Fun

Activities that are available in the region: fishing, rafting, sailing, camping, hunting, photography, road tripping, horseback riding, skiing, etc.

How to Apply

Call or email.

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