Camp IHC

A nine week opportunity to unleash a child’s innate curiosity, creativity, competitive instincts and sense of adventure!

Camp IHC is looking for high energy, creative staff who love working with young people. Whether your skills are in traditional sports (basketball, baseball, tennis), outdoor adventure (rock climbing, challenge course, mountain biking), aquatics (boating, water skiing, swim instruction), or creative arts (media, theater, arts & crafts) - we may have a job for you!

Camp IHC is located in the Endless Mountains of Northeastern, Pennsylvania. You'll find us @ 3287 Hancock Hwy, Equinunk, PA on any of the online map databases. A private lake, rolling hills, trees and wide open spaces to enjoy nature and share our skills with others.

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About Camp IHC

Camp IHC is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. A spectacular, natural setting provides the stage for the adventure of a lifetime.  As a counselor you will have an opportunity to work with children from ages 7-16. 

Today, more than ever, children need a safe place to stretch their wings so they can experience the best that life has to offer. This is a place where learning and social development take place in a nurturing environment under the watchful eyes of caring adults. A place that removes the distraction of technology, cell phones, and the internet for seven weeks. A place that teaches young women to be comfortable in their own skin by removing the need for makeup, and only allowing one-piece bathing suits. The IHC community is one where children and adults respect each other and the environment in which we live.

The Employee Experience

Employees at Camp IHC are integrated into the daily lives of our campers.  During our time at IHC, which will fly by, we eat, sleep and teach in a residential setting.  Through the immersion into the life of a counselor at IHC, one helps guide our campers in social interaction and develop new skills and refining old ones.  

While working at camp you will meet staff from around the world who share similar interests to you and those who differ but share one main goal.  They want to create a place where campers and staff leave stronger than they came.  It is not an easy job, but at Indian Head, we believe that through the challenges come great growth and learning.  If you want a challenge and love working with kids, sign up with us today.

Ideal Candidate

Ideal candidates are open to learning, excited to make new connections and willing to learn from others.  They look forward to a day with challenges and adventure.  They want to make a difference in children's lives.

Room and Board

Housing is Bunk style living with the campers. The average is 12 kids and 3 staff to a bunk.

Employee Perks

While at camp food and housing is included.  A staff lounge has computers and free wifi to keep you connected. On days of those who wish can take the complimentary bus shuttle to the day off location.

For Fun

Just have a look at our camp and see just where you could be working!

How to Apply

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