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Steam Gun Shooter

Ice Dam Guys
Forest Lake, Minnesota
$100.00 - $150.00 / hour
No experience required
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Starts immediately!

The largest, most respected, and highest rated ice dam removal company on the planet is seeking out those willing to become part of our team and join our "Get R Done" group of individuals who welcome the satisfaction of putting in a full day's work. The best people for this job are individuals who are seasonally employed that can devote a portion of their winter to a job as demanding as this profession can be.

You'll be expected to climb atop residential roofs and safely navigate snow and ice-covered rooftops in the dead of winter. Specifically, your job will be to remove ice dams from these roofs using a gas powered steamer, provided by us. you will have to make yourself available 7-days a week in whatever part of the country Mother Nature has chosen (once there you will typically make yourself at home until our season has ended). Ice dams don't care about the day of the week, they don't care about a holiday, or have any clue what family time is. Ice dams simply don't give a damn! We operate as any other emergency type service would. All jobs are pre-sold, so your focus is on your work...not on sales. During a typically busy season, virtually unlimited hours are available for approx. a 3-6 week window...sometimes longer.

If you are:

  • Someone who understands a sense of urgency
  • Someone who can operate as an independent contractor
  • Presentable in appearance
  • Someone who takes pride in a full day's work
  • Devoted to finishing the job

If you have:

  • A presentable open-bed pickup truck (or are willing to rent one)
  • A handful of common tools (or are willing to procure them)
  • A desire for adventure
  • The strength to work long hours, 7 days a week (sometimes in subzero temps)
  • A true work ethic
  • Great people skills
  • A respect for heights (not a fear)


How to Apply

Call or text Jay at 651-964-8551, or send an email to

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