Grand Pizza

Ready for Summer

Summer 2021 cashier in family run pizza restaurant near Rocky Mountain NP - Open to hiring couples!

Walking distance to Grand Lake, 2 mile drive/bike to National Park



Grand Pizza
Grand Lake, Colorado
$12.50 / hour + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (May 06, 2021)

Seasonal cashier position available May - September 

The cashier position entails using Toast POS system at the service window to enter customer orders or pull up customer orders, process payment, retrieve and verify the order is complete from the Kitchen for the customer.  Helping prep/stock supplies for take-out service.  Other duties as required. 

Housing is available 1 mi. from Grand Pizza for $450 / Mo. / person, includes all utilities, including internet.  Housing (mobile-home) consists of furnished 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, kitchen, living area, washer/dryer, linens, deck area, and parking.

How to Apply

Download Grand Pizza Application , fill out, and email to 

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