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The research expeditions during the summer of 2023 in Iceland will focus on conducting cultural and environmental field research for our upcoming publications and the development of a mobile web-app. Researchers will travel to Iceland for 8 days of field research and then spend 2-3 months working remotely, before and after the field research, synthesizing the information to be included in the books and mobile web-app. The ultimate goal of these publications and the web-app is to provide travelers with insight into the culture and natural world they will be traveling through. This will include information on the island's geography, geology, wildlife, plants, marine life, natural resources, hiking trails, economy, historic and current culture as well as tourism and its impacts. 


The researchers on the cultural teams will be assisting our team in our current Anthology of Iceland publication which will include photographic essays and narratives on Icelandic culture and their environment. This will include topics such as tourism impacts, sustainability, geothermal energy, natural resources, geology, environmental topics, cultural norms, racism, gender roles, family dynamics, immigration, police culture, crime, photography, and other creative writing pieces. 


Researchers will assist our team in exploring and documenting numerous hiking trails in the multiple regions of Iceland in order to collect environmental, cultural, and trail information for the web-app we are developing. Primary research will focus on the numerous day hikes and include naturalist and cultural information to help people understand the world they are traveling through. We are looking for research assistants to help us collect information on: GIS mapping, common plants and wildlife encountered on the trails, habitats and ecosystems, geography, geology, tourism impacts, Icelandic culture, myths and legends, cultural norms, travel and trail logistics, trail descriptions, photography, video production, travel blogging and other relevant information.


June 3-10, June 12-19, June 21-28, August 3-10, and August 12-19.

During the application process, you will have the option to choose your preferred dates for your field research in Iceland.

How to Apply

If you could please visit our website via the link below and complete our application we can then set up an interview. Our application is more of a getting-to-know-you-style application and can be completed fairly quickly. We typically set up interviews within two weeks.

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