GHG Corporation

Antarctica - Information Technology and Communications in the most remote location on EARTH!

GHG Corporation provides full time and seasonal IT&C (Information Technology and Communications) technical and operational support to the USAP (United States Antarctic Program). The majority of this support occurs within the Antarctic area of operations in established settlements and vessels, as well as remote field locations.

Three Antarctic research stations (McMurdo, South Pole, and Palmer), as well as the two Antarctic research vessels the NBP and LMG.

About GHG Corporation

Information Technology and Communications in the Antarctica Support Contract provides Server, Network, Desktop Computer, Satellite Communications, Phone Services, and Radio Communications for all three U.S. research facilities, including remote field camps.

The Employee Experience

Employees working on the Antarctic Support Contract are provided the opportunity to work in one of the most challenging and amazing locations in the world.  They will be supporting scientific research on the highest, driest, coldest, windiest place on Earth. 

Ideal Candidate

While the remote nature of the Antarctic program requires highly skilled, professional, self-starter attitudes, more importantly we desire candidates that have the sense of adventure and desire to experience a chance of a lifetime and become a part of the Antarctic family for multiple years to come.  In addition to the individual required job skills, all candidates must pass strict physical and dental examinations, a pre-employment background check, a drug screen, and proof of U.S. citizenship.

Room and Board

Employees live in fee-free dormitory rooms, with meals provided. Dining is cafeteria-style.

Employee Perks

Salaries are competitive with similar positions in the U.S., and benefits are offered. Pay is direct deposited in your U.S. bank account.  While deployed, all medical needs are provided free of charge by on-site medical facilities.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Travel to Antarctica or the research vessels either go through Christchurch, New Zealand or Chile, depending on your duty station.  The Antarctic Support Contract provides all travel from your home to your duty station and back when your contract has ended.  Including all transportation, hotel, and per diem while en route.  Participants often work with the ASC Travel department to extend their stays in these countries prior to returning home, in order to enjoy leisure travel to these areas after their work season.

For Fun

Recreational opportunities include educational and physical activities.  Each station has different provided amenities, including station stores, pubs, aerobic gyms, full court gyms, libraries, hiking trails, recreational gear available for loan, multi-purpose lounges, and band rooms with musical instrument loaners. Communication with family and friends is available through Internet and telephone.  Telephone services are provided via a direct phone trunk back to the U.S., so no international charges apply.  Weekly scheduled recreational activities include runs, the Antarctic marathon, live music venues, sporting events, yoga, group exercise events, the annual McMurdo Ice Stock all day music festival, and many other community social events and dinners.  Depending on the specific job, additional possibilities of experiences include remote field camp work, animal life viewing, mountain top work, and helicopter travel.

How to Apply

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