Experienced Wrangler/Horse Trainer
Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

Taylor Creek Canyon in October

Do you love horses and people? Join our team for the best job ever!

3.3 Million Acres of Pristine, Untouched Canyons, Mountains and Forest!


Experienced Wrangler/Horse Trainer

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch
New Mexico
$2,000.00 / month + tips
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts immediately!

Experienced Horse Person Needed for Wrangler Position at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch! (+ Free Housing and Meals!)

Come join the Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch team in our beautiful area of southwest New Mexico, located at 6,500 feet elevation in the ponderosa pines. Explore the canyons, creeks, forests, and mountains of the Gila National Forest! Get off the grid, reconnect with nature and find your serenity again! 

We are looking to hire a unique, energetic individual who wants it all: dramatic scenery, versatile work, independent living, and a truly memorable 2022 season in the mountains! The best way to have a good time is to show others a good time - Help us give our guests the best vacation they have ever had!

  • Do you LOVE WORKING with HORSES and feel you understand them?
  • Do you have EXPERIENCE TRAINING with HORSES that are young, untrained, fresh, energetic, spooky and/or rank? 
  • Do you use NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP techniques? 
  • Do you LOVE to MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY and help give them the best vacation they have ever had?
  • Are you SAFETY CONSCIOUS and do you have an EYE FOR DETAILS?
  • Do you LOVE to have a VARIETY of different things you do every day in your job? 
  • Are you NEAT, CLEAN and ORGANIZED? 
  • Do you get a feeling of SATISFACTION from putting in a FULL DAY'S WORK and giving it your ALL?
  • If you answered YES to the above questions, this may be the job for you!

Season: June to early December 2022

Position Type: Full-time, seasonal. 

Considerations: We are a small ranch (12 guests max) and we are very remote. You need to have your own transportation to work here and be comfortable with long periods away from town/city life as we are located 2 hours from the nearest town. There is no cell phone service at the ranch, so this is a great opportunity to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature and the important things in life! Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets or personal horses as the ranch has plenty of animals!


  • Salary $2,000/month.
  • Share of tip pool during the guest season. (We can't promise a number, but this often almost doubles the salary!) 
  • Room and board included. Living accommodations are a fully furnished private room in a co-ed house with a full kitchen, one bathroom and living area, shared with two other people. Eating our chef's delicious meals with our guests is a huge bonus! Please note we cannot accommodate spouses or families. 
  • Satellite TV, laundry and limited Wi-Fi are included.
  • Cash Bonus Incentive available for doing a great job and finishing the season!

Typical Day: Working on a ranch consists of long hours, not your typical 9-5. A normal day during our guest season starts at 6 AM and goes until evening activities are over. Entertaining and spending time with the guests is also a key element of a job at the ranch: during the day as well as evening activities (campfires, line dancing, games, or movies, etc.) after dinner each evening. One day off per week maximum during the guest season. You will be able to hike and explore our beautiful area during your time off! Staff must be well-groomed, flexible, able to take constructive criticism and be a team player. Western attire is required.

Job Description:

  • Working with and training new horses to become guest horses. Must have experience and feel comfortable working with young, untrained, fresh, energetic, spooky, and/or rank horses. 
  • Wrangler: Leading or following rides with guests as necessary. Must be a quick learner - you will need to learn our trails, how we do everything and about our horses within 1-2 weeks of arrival! Must be flexible and willing to do things our way. Must pay close attention to guests' safety. If you have current Wilderness First Aid training that is a huge bonus! 
  • Horse Care: Loading and unloading hay (must be able to lift multiple 80 lb bales!), feeding, doctoring, brushing, saddling multiple horses, picking multiple horses' feet, scooping lots of poop! 
  • Ranch work: Cleaning, oiling tack and boots, fixing fence, painting, staining, other maintenance, watering flowers, anything else that needs to be done!
  • Hiking: Guiding some trips to Archeological and Historical sites and scenic viewpoints as guests desire.
  • Housekeeping: Helping clean the 4 ranch cabins once a week after each group of guests leaves and cleaning other ranch buildings as necessary at least once a week. Attention to detail is necessary. This task will be shared with one other staff member.
  • Entertaining and spending time with the guests: during the day as well as evening campfires, line dancing, games or movies as they desire until 10 PM each evening.

Previous experience working with horses is required. A background check will be required prior to a job offer. We require staff to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and to follow current New Mexico protocols. 

A job at our ranch requires a fast learner, a motivated self-starter, and the ability to work independently with little supervision. Versatility and flexibility are needed for this job's multiple roles. Fitness and strength are necessary for this very active job! 

One Person, Many Hats! We are looking for an upbeat, conscientious, and dynamic individual!

Please look at our website www.geronimoranch.com to learn more about the ranch.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate personal horses, pets, spouses, or families. Thank you for understanding. 

How to Apply

*Please read all the above information very carefully!*

Email info@geronimoranch.com:

  • Cover Letter - Please tell us more about yourself, your goals, your horse experience, training techniques, your approach to working with horses, and why would you be an asset to our operation?
  • Videos - showcasing your horsemanship, groundwork, training and riding skills. 
  • Dates Available to Work - Include start and end date.
  • Resume - highlighting your applicable experience.
  • References - written letters or contact information for 3 former employers.


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