Keepers / Fog Island

Food service enthusiasts join our family run restaurant on Nantucket Island this summer. Housing provided!

Chef/Owners Mark and Anne Dawson and their family have been serving Nantucket Visitors and Locals downtown since 1993...and now in mid-island since 2017. Now that the move to mid-island is complete, mentorship, healthy alternatives, community contribution, and the sharing of our nutritious and delicious foods is our vision and mission at Keepers / Fog Island!

Windswept beaches, sand dunes, blinking lighthouses and a charming pace of life await on this 50-square mile island. The world's former top whaling port is now designated a National Historic District. Seaside cottages, historic harbors and quaint inns, boutique stores, chowder shacks and upscale dining delights. Swim, surf or load up the tackle for Nantucket's excellent fishing.