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Employees are hired into positions but the needs of a working ranch fluctuate day to day.  Thus, we are looking for individuals who are willing to be versatile and with a "do whatever is needed attitude." A team effort is sometimes needed and so it is important to work well with others. There are times when extra help is needed to complete tasks that are of priority. If you are someone who does not like to pitch-in whenever an extra hand is needed, then this is probably not the best place for you. Whenever extra hours are worked we do make-up the time over the course of the work period.

We value skills that individuals might have even if they are not required by the job description.

We do have dress standards and some restrictions on body piercing and tattoos. Applicants need to ask about these in advance to get clarification. Please refer to our website employment page for other pertinent employee information.

It is important to like nature, outdoors and recreation. A strong work ethic evidenced by an employment history with references is a plus.

Positions are:

  • Cook: high quality/family style, from scratch, 3 meals/day, need not be a chef or formally trained as we have hired family cooks, self-taught individuals, culinary students and those who have had cooking experience in various job settings. However, you must be very accomplished with meal preparation
  • Guest/Ranch Personnel: includes housekeeping, waitressing, kitchen work, gardening, child care, care of barnyard animals and if qualified and able- general ranch work and riding...this employee wears many hats; please note - riding and cattle work are not required but many who apply for this position are on a career path to work with animals in some capacity and are looking for a hands-on work experience. Employees in this position often have grown up riding or working with livestock on a smaller scale and while they may not have the experience to be wranglers, they are looking for opportunities that will enhance their skills and qualify them for more advanced positions or give them greater depth in their academic studies. 
  • Wrangler: skilled rider, horse sense, leadership qualities, safety awareness, people skills, cattle experience important and academic studies related to cattle, agriculture, ranching, animal science will be given special consideration - internship possible.

See below for more detailed job duties.

Individuals who seek to apply for one of the above positions and have advanced experience or education in wildlife, fly fishing, birding, mechanics or any other guest or ranch related skill are encouraged to highlight this. If hired, opportunities will be explored to incorporate these skills into the job. Often students can get academic credit for the work experience.  

Seasonal Dates: approximately May 1st to October 15th but we are flexible as not all employees are needed for the entire season. A starting date in early May to an ending date in the latter part of August is acceptable for a few positions and is the minimal requirement for availability. The cook position and 1 wrangler position needs to cover most of the season. Occasionally we can hire a guest/ranch personnel employee to start in June. Whenever possible, we try to work with individuals to determine a time frame that will meet everybody’s needs.

  • Cook- Family Style

    Slater, Colorado - on the border of Wyoming and Colorado

    1. Prepares 3 meals per day for staff and guests

    2. Meals are home-cooked with fresh breads, desserts, vegetables

    3. Meals are served buffet style

    4. Meal times are: 7:30 am, 12:30 pm and 7:00 pm

    5. Menu and recipes are available as well as “some" on site training for those who need some assistance

    6. Guest personnel assist the cook

    7. Manages kitchen and maintain Health Dept. standards

    8. 1 ½ days off per week

    9. Cook must be self motivated and highly organized as well as able to give direction to others. Dishes need to be  presented well and monitored throughout the meal time to insure proper temperatures and quantities.

    10. Monthly salary, tips paid as they are accrued and bonus at the end of contract. Total enumeration depends on experience and is negotiable.

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  • Guest Ranch/Housekeeping Personnel

    Slater, Colorado - on the border of Wyoming and Colorado
    unknown / month + tips

    1. Overall responsibility for tending to the needs of the guests

    2. Clean guests’ rooms daily, set tables, serve meals, wash dishes, laundry

    3. Feed barnyard animals and involve guests in participating in this activity

    4. Perform ranch maintenance, such as painting, repair work,

    5. Outside work includes yard and garden maintenance

    6. Occasional child care

    7. If qualified to ride, will help with cattle work as needed and assist wrangler with horses and riders; occasionally help doctor livestock. Guest personnel as a rule ride the most in May, June and September but there are other times when their assistance is needed. Employees are also welcome to ride on their days off unless there is a shortage of horses. Riding is not a requirement and not everyone in this position wants to be involved with the cattle work but we encourage those who are pursuing a career with livestock but have limited experience to apply as this will give you many learning opportunities.

    A typical day starts around 6:45 a.m. The structure of the day depends on the time of the season or how many guests are at the ranch. Early and late in the season (May and most of June; September) there are fewer guests so the work day is spent usually with cattle activities, grounds maintenance, spring cleaning and various ranch projects. Often the days are a combination of these activities. Usually there is some time off before you are due back to help prepare for dinner. After dinner dishes, you are off for the evening. If the week is busy with guests (mostly June, July and early August), more time is given off in the afternoon as it takes longer to do dishes and evening chores.

    Monthly Salary, tips as they are accrued, and bonus at the end of the committed work period; 1.5 days off/week 

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  • Wrangler

    Slater, Colorado - on the border of Wyoming and Colorado

    1. Day starts before breakfast as you must have the horses wrangled, into the corral,

       grained & brushed before breakfast

    2. Responsible for saddling horses and taking guests out on rides

    3. Able to teach guests how to ride if indicated.

    4. Need to instruct guests on how to move cattle from “point A to point B”

    5. Assist with livestock management 

    6. Assist with doctoring livestock

    7. Maintain cleanliness of barn

    8. Responsible for care of saddles, bridles etc

    9. Keep daily log of activities

    10. Additional assistance with cattle and training are provided when indicated but employee should have a basic foundation in cattle management, health, livestock needs, trailing cattle, ability to learn pastures in forest lands etc. This position is well suited for animal science majors. We expect our wranglers to take the initiative to make decisions when out riding that are supported by sound, practical reasoning and in the best interest of the guests and livestock.

    11. CPR and First Aid certification required

     Salary  based on experience, tips as they are accrued and bonus at the end of the contract period; 1.5 days off per week

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How to Apply

Please complete an application available on our website, or you can email us and request it. Since we hire based on your application and the information given, please include anything that might distinguish you from other applicants. You are encouraged to enclose a personal note and to use this as a way of introducing yourself to us! It is optional but including your picture would be appreciated. We are also available for a personal interview if you are ever in this area.

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