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Cabins need to be cleaned thoroughly after each set of guests leave.  Cabins need to be cleaned right away so that they are available right away for rental.  We do have unexpected guests or late reservations and need to be ready to accommodate those folks. 

Used beds need a change in bedding.  Heavy blankets don’t need to be on the beds during the heat of summer.  Leave a few extra blankets in each cabin in case someone gets cold they can put their own blanket on the bed.  Blankets should be on the beds in the colder weather.  Mattress pads should be on all the beds.  If bedspreads are dirty, they need to be laundered.  The cabins floors need to be vacuumed after each use.  Please vacuum under beds, around sides of walls, under furniture, etc.  If the carpets are looking dirty we do have a carpet shampooer in the laundry room.  Remember to dust, clean window sills, light covers.  Take a good look at the room before you call it clean.  Would you pay $200 to stay in that room and be pleased with the cleaning and presentation?  Be sure to look for cobwebs, dirt, bugs, lights & light bulbs.  As you finish cleaning a bedroom, spray Lysol disinfectant and shut the door.

Bathrooms need a full cleaning after each set of guests leave.  This includes scrubbing and sanitizing the entire bathroom including shower.  We’ve been using cleaners like Ajax, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Clorox Cleanup in the bathrooms.  The blue sponge scrubbers for the showers.  I’m open-minded to cleansers but it is very important that we are doing a full sanitation and scrubbing.  Be sure to leave spare toilet paper/Kleenex/small soap bars/tiny Dixie cups in the bathroom/hall sink areas.  Please do not leave a towel set for each bed as we typically do not book cabins to full capacity and there’s no need to cause extra work in laundering towels.  Leave a reasonable amount of towels.  The above chart can be used as a guide but may need to be adjusted depending upon reservations and numbers of guests.

As you finish cleaning a cabin, sweep off the porch and knockdown cobwebs around the outside front. 

If light bulbs are burned out, replace them.  If you notice anything that needs maintenance or attention, be sure to write it down and talk with Ranch Foreman about it. 

We do not provide a daily cleaning service when the cabins are rented out.  It’s always nice to check in with the guests to make sure they have what they need and get them something if they need it.  Do not go into their cabin unless you have their permission.

The mule ATV is for the housekeeper to use to move things from cabin to cabin.  Please be careful with the ATV as it is our only one, and expensive to repair and upkeep.  If it breaks down, that is the only vehicle for you to use.  So please handle with care.  You can use the bed of the ATV to transport your housekeeping supplies around. (vacuum, cleaning supply basket, laundry, etc)

As you clean cabins you should also be laundering the linens and towels.  Linens can be hung from the clothesline in the summer months.  Towels seem to more acceptable to guests by drying in the dryer.  The front-load washer works better for the bedspreads.  Do not overload the washers.  Laundry does not clean as well and it will break/wear down the washers faster.  Please use bleach on white laundry only.  Do not bleach the colored linens and towels.  You should be using a detergent & liquid fabric softener on all laundry.  Use dryer sheets in the dryer.  We do have pre-stain treatment if you need to use that.

It’s always nice to communicate to other employees when is good for them to do personal laundry.  If you are preparing to change over many cabins, let them know that and then go back to them when you’re caught up and that it’s a good time for them to do their laundry.  They should also be communicating with you if they are in need of the machines.  Please try to be accommodating with them and figure a good time for everyone.

The laundry room needs to be kept clean and organized.  It’s understood when you’re changing over cabins that things will be scattered during that time.  But as soon as that is caught up, please organize and clean up the laundry room again.  The floor needs to be cleaned often.  Shelves need to be clean, organized and stocked.

As you are making the rounds between cabins and the rest of the property, please keep an eye on the grass/lawn sprinklers.  You see the yard more than anyone and it is most helpful if you take a major role in moving sprinklers and keeping the area green.  We do water pathways.  Some guests prefer we don’t, but we have been told to water the grass and yard areas and to keep it green.

When your cabins are caught up and cleaned, you need to check in with the shower house.  This also needs a thorough and sanitizing scrub often.  We sell showers to many river floaters and the building is also used by guests staying with us.  You should check this building daily and keep it cleaned.  Do not leave towels in this area.  River floaters will buy towels in the store and guests can use their cabin towels.

Next, check the breezeway bathrooms.  They will need a thorough and sanitizing scrub.  They are so small, it really only takes a few minutes if you do it a few times a week depending on use.  You should look at the bathrooms each day to make sure they are presentable. 

When all of this is complete you should check on the kitchen and store staff to see if they need help.  Yard work is always appreciated.

Most guests will arrive prior to lunch and many times, in time for breakfast.  It is important that the cabins are ready as soon as possible for them to get settled in.  If you are in need of time to prepare a cabin, offer to put their bags on their porch for them and then get to work to get the cabin ready.  Most guests will depart after breakfast and prior to lunch.  There will be times when you have a group departing and you’ll need that cabin that same day – almost the same time.  Please be aware of these times and try your best to be accommodating.  Most situations can be understandable and friendly with simple communication.  Most guests are understanding of these things.  Just be nice, friendly, smile and communicate with them that you will get on it right away and offer to take their bags to their porch.  Remember, we are a guest ranch and they pay the bills right?!  It’s important to be accommodating.

Pets are not allowed to sleep on the beds.  We do have portable kennels available for those guests that need them.  Any pet damage needs to be reported right away to the Ranch Foreman or General Manager so we can collect any damages from the guest.

Housekeeping supplies and needs are ordered on a weekly basis.  Orders are turned into the General Manager on Thursday of each week.  You won’t receive that order until about Wednesday or Thursday the following week.  You need to be aware of this and order accordingly, planning about 2 weeks in advance.

Guests are encouraged to tip staff for working above and beyond their expected job.  It’s up to you to go above and beyond.  The extra time you spend on cleaning or making towels look good…could be making you more money in tips.  If you don’t go the extra mile, you shouldn’t expect to make the extra money.  That goes for the Ranch in general.  If the lawn is green and pretty…the guests will have a better experience.  If there’s garbage lying around, they won’t.  So please pay attention to the details, take some pride in the property, and you will be rewarded.  Please remember that if everyone pitches in and works together it will make for a better experience for everyone.

Reservations should be recorded on the large calendar in the kitchen on the pantry door.  Reservations will have the cabin number/guest name/number in the group written in that order.  It is critical that guests are put into those cabins.  Do not switch anyone to a different cabin unless authorized by the General Manager.  Reservations can also be viewed on Google Calendar.  We will train you on how to view that internet calendar.

You should be ready for work by 7 am.  You should go down to the lodge and have breakfast then start your day.  The daily workload is different each day depending upon the number of guests.  Some days will be longer than others.

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