Flying Resort Ranches, Inc.

Idaho Wilderness Lodge and Hunting Operation

Located on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River



Flying Resort Ranches, Inc.
Salmon, Idaho
unknown / month + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (Jul 15, 2020)

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • The safeguarding, care and protection of all the buildings and furnishings. In addition to direction from the general manager or foreman, there is a clipboard in the lodge kitchen that anyone can report building and furnishing issues on. We do expect that maintenance issues are dealt with as needed.
  • Maintain the fencing and corrals. Season-long maintenance is expected and should be dealt with as needed.
  • Saddle and tack repair and maintenance. We expect issues with tack to be repaired as needed. Saddles should be cleaned and oiled each winter. Pads need to be cleaned throughout the season.
  • Grazing Rotation. At the Flying B we are allowed to graze through special grazing permits with the forest service. Stock needs to be rotated according to the forest service schedule. When grazing on Ranch property we need to rotate frequently.
  • Property protection and maintenance. During certain times of water runoff we need to try to divert water to ensure the least amount of damage as possible. Keep the general appearance of the Ranch neat, organized and attractive. Lawns need to be kept mowed and watered and looking nice. Stock is not allowed to graze on lawns or around cabins. In areas where the lawnmower cannot be used, please use a weed eater for area maintenance. All garbage needs to be cleaned up at all times.
  • Herd Care and Maintenance. Stock is one of our most valuable assets. Abuse or improper use or destruction of is strictly prohibited. We expect that health issues will be reported to management immediately and handled as needed. A veterinarian will work the herd each spring. A Ferrier will shoe the herd twice per year. Once in the spring and once just prior to hunting season. It is expected that staff will handle the health and foot maintenance between those times. Stock needs to be rotated and ridden throughout the season.
  • Hay Crop. We farm hay to support our herd for the winter months. It is critical that farming and irrigation is handled daily as asked by management. It is the responsibility of the Ranch foremen, and the farm hands/ranch hands/wranglers/packers to change irrigation pipe. It is a shared responsibility.
  • Trail Clearing and Maintenance. At times throughout the season we will have trail clearing and maintenance to do. This is another shared responsibility.
  • Moving stock between Ranches. Due to drought conditions in grazing, we put a majority of the herd at the Root Ranch for the summer and early fall months. The herd will need to be moved between Ranches to accommodate groups.
  • Equipment Operations. If you have special skills in equipment operation then you will have the opportunity to be checked out and authorized to run the equipment. If you have not been authorized, you are not allowed to use the equipment. All equipment maintenance and issues need to be logged into the maintenance manuals.
  • Fall Hunting and camps. In the hunting season it will be a shared responsibility to prepare for hunting season, get trails cleaned, set up camps. We do not provide guided deer or elk hunts. We do provide the packing service.
  • Communication Skills. This position requires computer skills and the ability to effectively communicate between the backcountry and our main office in Salmon.
  • Accommodating Clients. Throughout the season the outside position people are responsible for accommodating the clients and their particular wants and needs. Saddling stock & horse rides, etc. Very little of this is scheduled or reserved in advance. Communication with the clients is critical to ensure a smooth vacation.

In the end, we are ultimately in the hospitality business. Here to serve our shareholders and general public. It is critical the property is always kept in order, neat and clean. Stock health issues are dealt with immediately. It's very important to have a pleasant attitude and work to get along with others. Being self-motivated and responsible is a must.

How to Apply

A downloadable application is available on our website. Email a resume' or completed application to:

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