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Alaska is calling! First City Salmon Tour, Shops, and Cafe welcomes hundreds of cruise line tourists each day. Just a short walk from the cruise line berths in beautiful Ketchikan Alaska.

Alaska is calling YOU! Ketchikan Alaska, the salmon capital of the world.

About First City Salmon

Ketchikan is nestled in the middle of 17 million acres of Tongass National Forest and is known as the Salmon capital. Thousands of cruise line tourists arrive on its banks each day, which makes Ketchikan the perfect setting for First City Salmon’s shore excursion. First City provides our guests with a fun, informative and interactive experience focused on salmon's lifecycle migration and an unforgettable salmon feast. 

Over a million visitors will arrive during the tourist season May 1, to Oct 1. We start two weeks prior.  Come and be a part of a live production team working together as a family to provide a lasting and memorable experience to our guests!

The Employee Experience

Alaska offers a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else!  From the big, beautiful landscapes to friendly and adventurous people from all over the world.  We very carefully select our guides and other production staff, so we always have a great team of people can work as a family.  First City is a great and enjoyable workplace, where staff is well supported by the owners and each other.  

Ketchikan is known as Alaska’s “first city” due to its location at the southern tip of the Inside Passage. Our name of First City Salmon capitalizes on our location.  Rain or shine, the beauty of Ketchikan’s lush, green, and temperate rainforest setting is spectacular.  Hours are consistent with potential overtime, and the work schedule can vary slightly, based on guest demand.  With what seems like endless daylight there is time in the evenings and on days off to enjoy what only Alaska offers.  

If you are not afraid of indoor hard work, truly enjoy people, and experiencing one of the most amazing places in this country, then this just might be for you!

Ideal Candidate

We are pleased that you are interested in summer employment with our company.  We are looking for people with high energy and the desire to guide, teach, and provides excellent customer service.  You must be a strong team player who gets along in a communal living situation.  You must have a strong work ethic and value professionalism.  You must be a generally positive person who others enjoy being around.  Our employees need to be able to work the entire season from mid-April through the first week in October.

Some of the qualities we are looking for in our associates:

  • Positive can-do attitude
  • A high degree of enthusiasm
  • High level of commitment
  • Sense of humor
  • Self Starter (can work independently)
  • Responsible and respectful of others (co-workers and guests)
  • Friendly and a team player
  • Committed to hard work
  • Customer Service experience is a plus
  • Acting or public speaking experience is a plus
  • Must be able to lift 40 pounds

No experience is necessary, but customer service experience, acting, and public speaking experience will make a difference in our selections.  Our perfect employee is a hard-working, fun-loving, people person who is professional and enthusiastic about providing a once in a lifetime experience for our guests. 

Wages will be set at $10-$12 per hour with tips and opportunity for 10+ hours of overtime pay per week base upon cruise ship schedules.  

Room and Board

As part of the compensation package, housing will be provided at no additional charge.  This benefit is a $1,500 to $2,500 season benefit in addition to your wage.   A $250 deposit is required for housing.  It can be taken out of each check incrementally or paid up front.   The housing will have a minimum of two per room either on site our within a twenty-minute drive from First City Salmon.  We will provide one meal per day for our associates.  Additional food can be purchased at nearby grocery stores. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Ketchikan is a wonderful walking city.  Access to all the city has to offer is just a few blocks from First City Salmon.  Transportation to and from work will be provided each day for those housed in offsite locations.  

Initial transportation too and from Ketchikan, at the beginning and end of the season, will be provided by First City Salmon. 

There is a public bus system within the city. Single trips or monthly passes are available at a reasonable price.     Bus schedules can be found online if you search under Ketchikan bus schedules.  Taxis are readily available if desired as well. 

For Fun

For someone with a passion for the outdoors, this is the place to be!

There is abundant wildlife, especially bears, moose, and eagles.  There will be two days off each week where one can explore.  We encourage every employee to take advantage of the pristine beauty and adventure that Alaska has to offer.  With plenty of time throughout the season, employees are encouraged to hike, kayak, camp, fish, and partake in all summer festivities.  You never know, you may even catch a big salmon! 

There are so many activities to do and landmarks/city highlights to see while in Ketchikan.  Here is a shortlist of the opportunities that you can have:

  • Hiking (Deer Mountain or any of the other 10 plus trails)
  • Misty Fjords (fly-out or take a boat to see for yourself)
  • Fishing (Salmon Capital of the World)
  • Rec Center (largest in Southeast Alaska with basketball courts, aquatic center, cardio room, and free weights)
  • Creek Street (Historic Red Light District)
  • Ketchikan Promenade (walk down the waterfront)
  • Movie Theater
  • Totem Bight State Park
  • Saxman Native Village and Totem Park

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with First City Salmon. Alaska is calling, come join us!

Please go to the following web page for information and to fill out an application.  We will be in touch!

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