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Float Plane Landing at George Inlet Lodge
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Rainforest Sanctuary & Crab Feast

Come to play and work for the Premier Alaskan Dining and Crabbing Adventure in Ketchikan!

Experience Alaska Tours is committed to excellent customer service and providing experiences and memories that last a lifetime for our guests. Together with our team members, we provide a truly unique Alaskan experience for our guests.

Located in beautiful Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan is located in the middle of 17 million acres of Tongass National Forests!

About Experience Alaska Tours

Experience Alaska Tours opened for business in 2003 as a joint venture between two locals: Rob Scheer and Patricia Shaughnessy. At this time, the company only offered tours at the George Inlet Lodge. The only tour options back then were the Wilderness Exploration & Crab Feast (boat tour) and the Exclusive Flightseeing & Crab Feast (flight tour). These were the only tour options available for several years until Rob Scheer sold his half of the business to George Inlet Properties.

In 2011 the company increased its offerings, starting with the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary Walk & Crab Feast (nature trail/crab meal) and the opening of a new location on the north end of the island - Silverking Lodge. The Alaskan Lodge Adventure & Seafeast tour included a boat tour, rainforest walk, and sea-feast boil.

Over the years, there have been many expansions and upgrades to both locations. In 2011, the first 48-passenger Bentz boat was purchased for the Wilderness Exploration & Crab Feast tour that included a heated cabin and multi-media capability. The company transitioned from using Pacific Airways as a flight carrier to Taquan Air and Misty Fjords Air. In 2018, another 48-passenger Bentz boat was purchased to accommodate the large demand for the Wilderness Exploration & Crab Feast tour. The George Inlet Lodge went from one dining room to now four dining rooms. The largest can hold up to 100 passengers and the smallest private dining room can hold up to 18 guests. Along with the previous tours mentioned, the other added shore excursions include the Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show & Crab Feast and the Misty Fjords Seaplane & Crab Feast. On the other side of the island, the Alaskan Lodge Adventure & Seafeast went from using a 16-passenger vessel to a 46- passenger vessel in 2018. 

Experience Alaska Tours started as a company that only offered a premier Alaskan dining experience and crabbing adventure. Over the course of the years, the company has not only continued to offer those very tours but also expanded out to offer unique Alaskan adventures. In 2018, the company started the Hovercraft Eco Adventure & Wildlife tour. This was the first non-seafood meal tour that took guests on a unique Hovercraft vessel around the Ketchikan waterfront and Gravina Island. These are the only two U.S. Coast Guard certified hovercrafts of this model that operate in Alaskan tourism. 

Experience Alaska Tours Mission Statement:

Experience Alaska Tours provides guests an authentic, hands-on, up-close and personal opportunity to interact with the natural surroundings that make Alaska so unique.  

The Employee Experience

Catch a glimpse of what your summer could be like in this video

We definitely believe in "Work hard, Play hard." The work can be intense, but Alaska is so beautiful and interesting that each day is an adventure. A typical day involves working onboard our boat or at our restaurant facilities, meeting new people, making sure our tours and meals run according to plan, and guests leave with smiles. Afterwards, head upstairs to relax with friends or outside to kayak, swim, hike, or have a bonfire. The sun sets about 10 pm in summer, but after that, look for shooting stars, meteor showers, or the famous Northern Lights!


Ideal Candidate

Experience Alaska Tours offers employment from mid-April through the first week of October. We operate around the Alaskan cruise ship season. Preference is given to applicants who are available for the entire season. However, we do accept applications from those who are only available part of the season as well.

  • Positive can-do attitude
  • Self Starter (can work independently)
  • Responsible and respectful of others (co-workers and guests)
  • Friendly and a team player
  • Committed to hard work
  • Customer Service experience is a plus
  • Acting or public speaking experience is a plus
  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds
  • Safety oriented
  • Servers / Waitstaff must be 21 because they serve alcohol
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Must love having fun with co-workers, learning new things, and spending time in beautiful remote Alaska!

Room and Board

Experience Alaska Tours offers free housing for employees, including Wi-fi, lounge area and full kitchen, and laundry facilities. Meals are not included. Cell phone usage is fair, with AT&T and Verizon being the most reliable on the island. 

Company housing options are similar to dorm living, with rooms housing 2-3 people, depending on room size. Most rooms have private ensuite bathroom. Breakroom and kitchen have cooking utensils and general kitchen cookware, including multiple refridgerators and freezers for food storage, TV, board games, and books.  There are multiple laundry facilities and the company supplies general cleaning supplies and detergents. There are company vehicles available for employees to use for shopping, errands, church, or other needs.

A position with our company is not dependent upon living in company housing. Team members are welcome to live in non-company housing if they wish; however, housing in Ketchikan is VERY expensive in summer, and public transportation does not reach lodge locations. 

We ask our staff to remember living in company housing is a privilege. It is important for everyone to be respectful of others living in housing. Staff will be required to sign a housing agreement prior to living in company housing.  All company housing is drug and alcohol-free, including marijuana. There are designated cigarette smoking or vaping areas outside of company housing. 

Employee Perks

Experience Alaska Tours tries hard to make sure staff have an amazing and profitable summer.

Seasonal bonuses are offered upon successful completion of contract. Cash tips are also collected and distributed to employees biweekly, ranging from $150-$350 per person historically.

We also offer comped excursions for staff on days off, include zip lining, sea kayaking, Misty Fjords Flightseeing, bear watching, adventure karts, and lumberjack show. The company also hosts fun events for our staff each month throughout the summer. Last summer, we had Welcome BBQ, group ziplining, Thanksgiving/Xmas in July party, Company Movie Night, Fishing Derby, and more!

Company vehicles are available to check out for groceries, errands, church, or other tasks. Vehicle gas is supplied once per week by company. Employees who want to bring their own car have space to do so. The George Inlet Lodge location supplies a 4-person skiff, available for employee use, as well as fish packing and freezer storage.

Food Handler's Cards are obtained by employees, but all other certification expenses (Alaska Host, Alcohol Serving for age 21+, AK Fishing License) are handled by the company.

You will have an experience of a lifetime in Alaska trying new things and making new friends.

Getting Here and Getting Around

We are located in Ketchikan, Alaska, which is not accessible by road- only plane or ferry! 

Employees are responsible for their own transportation to and from Ketchikan, Alaska. Some applicants are eligible for ferry reimbursement if bringing their own car. 

  • If you are traveling by car, you can depart from Bellingham, WA or Haines, AK (U.S. passport required) on the Alaska Marine Highway (ferryalaska.com). From Bellingham, it is about a 2 day sail.  There is a tentative ferry from Prince Rupert that may be scheduled in the future and is only a 6 hour journey to Ketchikan.
  • If you are flying, Alaska Airlines and Delta have several flights every day out of Seattle, WA. Seattle is the only airport that has direct flight to Ketchikan. 

For Fun

There are so many activities to do and landmarks/city highlights to see while in Ketchikan. Here is a short list of the opportunities that you can have:

  • Hiking (Deer Mountain or any of the other 10 plus trails)
  • Misty Fjords (fly out or take a boat to see for yourself)
  • Fishing (Salmon Capital of the World)
  • Rec Center (largest in Southeast Alaska with basketball courts, aquatic center, cardio room and free weights)
  • Creek Street (Historic Red Light District)
  • Ketchikan Promenade (walk down the waterfront)
  • Movie Theater
  • Totem Bight State Park
  • Saxman Native Village and Totem Park
  • Restaurants (Dockside Galley, AK Fish House, Cape Fox Lodge, Oceanview, Pioneer Cafe and more)
  • Tongass Historical Museum or Discovery Center
  • Rotary Beach

How to Apply

Thanks for your interest in Experience Alaska Tours! To apply, simply click on the Apply button to be taken to our online application. Join our Experience Alaska Tours family and experience Alaska with Alaskans!

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