Staffing Center “Classic” Pricing

Hunt’s Mesa

Monument Valley, Arizona

In April 2019, we released a new, leaner version of the Staffing Center designed with the unique needs of small to medium sized seasonal operations in mind. If your company has been using the Staffing Center by CoolWorks since before April 2019, you are using the Staffing Center Classic, a feature-rich applicant tracking system with tools and capabilities focused on the needs of larger seasonal operations. The pricing on this page applies to those companies utilizing Staffing Center Classic.


Staff SizeAnnual Fee
1 – 49$700
50 – 99$1,300
100 – 249$1,950
250 – 499$2,400
500 – 999$2,800

*Included in the basic set up is a simple template with logo, links and your basic color scheme or we can provide instructions for your web team to embed the application within your website. If you want us to fully match the template of your website, we will charge our standard web design rate of $125 per hour. Future updates to your Staffing Center pages & design, or significant changes to the structure of the Staffing Center or Application Form will also incur web design charges.