Emandal - A Farm on a River

Come join us for sustainable farming and a sky full of stars!

If you like the idea of working in the country away from the noise of the city, then Emandal might be right for you. Emandal is a family camp and guest ranch located on an organic farm. Emandal is a place for people to come and relax, learn, explore, reunite with friends and family, and meet new people. Join us and learn more about sustainable eco-tourism and hospitality.

40 minutes outside of Willits, CA - on the banks of the Eel River - adjacent to the Mendocino National Forest

About Emandal - A Farm on a River

Emandal is a 100 year old 1000 acre family owned farm and guest ranch sitting on the golden hills of Northern California where generations of families have come and enjoyed the boundless joys that being outdoors and surrounded by nature has to offer. In 1908 Em and Al opened up their farm to friends and families to get away from the stress and noise of busy city life. Growing their own fruits and vegetables, meats and eggs, providing freshly baked bread, Em and Al quickly created a homegrown feel for anyone who came and visited the farm. Following the footsteps of her in-laws, Tamara Adams, as well as her family, have continued the same traditions that took place over a 100 years ago. During the busy season of summer, families and different groups come and enjoy the vastness of the summer gardens, the clearness of the Eel River, the mysterious Madrones and Manzanitas. All the while comfortably staying in redwood cabins equipped with freshly washed down quilts.

Staff and guests are spoiled all summer with three home grown meals a day, all freshly homemade by Tamara herself (with a lot of help from enthusiastic burgeoning young cooks). Freshly baked bread, granola, cookies, homemade jams filled with delicious fruits all provided daily, served family style on hand built redwood tables. 

Over a 100 years of tradition, this community has built something of its own. Only being here can you truly experience the magic that happens at Emandal!

The Employee Experience

Living and working at Emandal is an experience unlike any other. Surrounded by a natural setting, a crisp clear river, and other like-minded folks, Emandal provides a wonderful setting for work and play.

Though there are different amounts of staff during different parts of the season, during our busy summer season staff live with around 14 other people, sharing communal kitchen and bathroom space. Each individual will have their own living space with a comfortable private room. Work days consist of 5 days a week and are usually around 8 hours a day. 

Since Emandal is a farm with sustainable farming practices, many of the staff are like-minded folks, looking for the perfect work opportunity to continue their love for the earth and the people in their community. Be prepared for long conversations with your new friends after a long day of work talking about organic farming, sustainability and maybe future politics (if that's your cup of tea). Living and working with your coworkers provides a unique experience to be able to grow and learn together, share ideas, and stretch communication skills.

Employees have lots of time to enjoy the river, the hiking trails, bikes, a whole movie room, musical instruments and so much more that the farm has to offer.

You will definitely enjoy the perks of all the food that is grown here on the farm and the three homemade meals provided. Though the life and work experience here will be something you will take with you forever, the food will leave you with cravings to come visit in the future!

Ideal Candidate

Emandal looks for like-minded folks with a passion for sustainability and farming. If you have a love for our planet and want to learn and immerse yourself in the practices that can replenish our earth, then Emandal is most likely the place for you. 

Being able to be flexible and adjust to different tasks and schedules is very important for staff. Being an effective communicator is essential for each staff member since there are lots of situations that can occur on the farm.

Emandal works mostly as a guest ranch, so hospitality is our main focus. Being able to be approachable and welcoming is extremely important for each staff member. Having a fun energetic attitude is essential for providing guests with an exceptional experience, and being a team player and working well with your coworkers is essential. 

Having satisfactory physical health is necessary for staff since living on a farm requires loads of physical work and lifting large heavy items.

Expectations for all Emandal Staff:

  • Flexibility: can easily adapt to changing needs and situations
  • Approachable: smiling and friendly attitude
  • Reliable: doing the things that have been told and scheduled in a timely manner
  • Energetic and fun: help provide the guest with an overall exceptional experience
  • Active listener/Reliable: committed to the common goal of creating the guest expereince
  • Satisfactory physical health: working on a farm is physical, it's important that staff are able to perform different tasks daily on the farm

Room and Board

Staff live in an area that we call "staff village". There are over 10 individual living areas that provide private space to sleep. There is also a building provided for communal space with a kitchen, bathroom, game room and movie room. Staff housing has a private yard away from the hustle and bustle of the farm with a clothesline (There are washers available but we hang dry all of our laundry).

There is a staff land line phone that is provided since there is no cell service. Limited Wifi and internet is provided monthly for staff to use. 

Employees are provided a food stipend during the off season and three homemade meals are provided daily during the summer season.

No pets are allowed though we have plenty of farm animals for you to get your animal fix!

Employee Perks

Some of the benefits of working with us here at Emandal are the natural surroundings, delicious homegrown food, hiking trails, living and working in community, and the opportunity for real relaxation.

Staff are also provided discounts on all of the merchandise that we sell here on the farm including sweatshirts, jams, bags, walking sticks and so much more. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Emandal is located about 40 minutes outside Willits, California. Though it is not necessary to have a car here on the farm, in order to comfortably get to town and around it is suggested to have your own personal vehicle. Past staff who do not bring a car to the farm have been able to rely on other staff to borrow their cars to get in and out of town. 

To get to Willits, there are buses. 

Once on the farm we have a few bikes to use (having your own is a great idea), but everything is all walking distance around the farm!

For Fun

Emandal is located on a 1000 acre farm, providing loads of awesome hiking trails. Located right next to the Eel river providing large swimming holes, rocks to climb and jump off into the crisp clear river. Emandal is the place for the lover of all things nature.

Stargazing is easy here, with a clear view of the milky way in the sky. Head up to big sky vista for a sunrise unlike no other over SanHedren. 

You will have plenty of time to participate in any of your hobbies like painting, photography, dancing, and singing.

Located only 40 minutes outside of Willits which has a library, books stores, restaurants, bars, thirst stores and anything that you need.

Participate during open mic at Shanachie Pub every wednesday night. With plenty of music festivals around the area and the Willits farmers market during the summer months every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there is truly everything that you need here on the farm or near by.

Not to mention only another 40 minutes from the coast if you are in need of some ocean inspiration.

How to Apply

Please select the position you'd like to apply for above, follow the link to the detailed job description (which includes pay rate) and the position specific online application. Note: We also require a cover letter and resume, and you'll be able to attach and include those with your application.

Our Hiring Process:

We review all applications as they come in and select those that seem like a good fit for an initial phone interview. You will be notified via email regarding your application status.  After the initial phone interviews, we then select a smaller group of applicants for a second interview – typically over the phone again, but if you are in the area, we encourage you to consider coming to the farm for an in person interview.  This step is followed by reference checks, and then the final team selection and notification.

TIP!:  The sooner you return your COMPLETE application package, the more likely you are to be considered.  

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