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Seasonal positions serving as AmeriCorps members, program specialist, kitchen helpers and other support positions are open for summer, as well as year-round contracted positions for our school year programs.

  • AmeriCorps Summer Respite Apprentice

    Easterseals Wisconsin AmeriCorps Partnership
    Wisconsin Dells
    $795.00 / month

    Program Benefits: AmeriCorps members will be provided room and board while serving during the summer. This position receives a living stipend totaling $2,585 for the full term of service (minimum 900 hours). After successfully completing the term of service, the member will be eligible to receive an education award. The education award can be used to pay education costs at qualified institutions of higher education or training programs or to repay qualified student loans. The award will equal $3,172.50 if the full term of service is completed. This position provides invaluable hands-on experience for students in special education, occupational or physical therapy, nursing, recreational therapy and anyone interested in learning more about serving individuals with disabilities.  Other benefits include professional training, CPR/First Aid certification, networking opportunities and making a difference to the community.

    Recreation and Personal Care Responsibilities

    • Familiarize yourself with the needs of the camper(s) in your care. As appropriate, assist, instruct and supervise campers in personal care skills, including dressing, toileting, eating, showering, lifting and transferring. 
    • Ensure campers are at the activities of his/her choice. Encourage and assist campers to participate fully in activities. Adapt activities as needed.
    • Ensure campers receive medications on time.
    • Assist staff and other AmeriCorps members when possible.


    Program Leadership Responsibilities

    • Train and provide leadership for either Ropes Course or Lifeguarding duties.
    • Provide ideas for, plan and lead camp programs as assigned, including sports and games, arts and crafts, community trips and water activities. 
    • Make connections with individuals and volunteers in the community for program outreach and program enhancement.
    • Assist AmeriCorps members and staff in programming and activities.
    • Train and assist volunteers who attend camp. 

    Training Responsibilities: Member will receive an on-site Orientation which will be held May 23rd – May 27th, AmeriCorps teambuilding/Day of Service June 1st, 2022, and General training June 2ndand – June 10th, 2022. Respite Apprentices are expected to attend all Easterseals Wisconsin-led AmeriCorps trainings, including AmeriCorps Orientation, Citizenship Training, Conflict Resolution and CPR/First Aid Training.

    Attitude and General Responsibilities

    • Accept responsibility for the overall health and safety of all campers, staff and AmeriCorps members.
    • Serve as a model representative of Easterseals Wisconsin, AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National & Community Service.
    • Consult with your supervisor regarding any ideas, issues or concerns, offering analysis and solutions whenever possible.
    • Practice sound health habits to effectively perform the position requirements.
    • Respect confidentiality of campers, staff and AmeriCorps members.
    • Learn camp emergency procedures and follow emergency instructions if necessary.
    • Assist with camp clean-up on the last day of each session.
    • Report any accidents, illness, or sickness to supervisor and nurse.
    • Maintain all necessary records, monitoring and evaluation data regarding service activities and ensure all required reports are completed and submitted to Easterseals Wisconsin when they are due and that the reports are accurate.  The following is a partial list of required reports:
      • AmeriCorps Member Timesheet
      • 500 Word Reflection
      • Exit Survey
    • In addition, the member may be mobilized for disaster response in Wisconsin, perform service on national service days and participate in other service projects or events coordinated by Easterseals Wisconsin.

    Skill Requirements: Essential functions include the ability to: (1) lift 30 lbs to waist level, (2) physically assist both child and adult campers, (3) identify and respond to environmental or other hazards, (4) observe and assess campers’ behavioral and physical well-being, (5) use expressive and receptive communication skills, and (6) enforce safety, emergency and behavior management techniques. The position requires eagerness to work with people with disabilities and an ability to work as a team member, with minimum supervision, and to perform all position duties. Easterseals Wisconsin is an equal opportunity employer.

    Service Schedule/Location: AmeriCorps Respite Apprentices-Summer are expected to complete a minimum of 900 hours and serve May/June– August 2022. Respite Apprentices are expected to be on duty when camp is in session; camp sessions typically run Sunday 11:00 am - Friday 5:00 pm. The primary service site is located in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

  • Camp Counselor

    Easterseals Wisconsin Camps
    Wisconsin Dells
    $300.00 / week

    Position Title: Camp Counselor   

    Objective of Position: Responsible for all aspects of campers’ care, well-being, and activities while at camp

    Supervisor: Camper Coordinators



    1. Participate in orientation and Staff training
    2. Attend all meetings as required by supervisor.
    3. Accept responsibility for the overall health and safety of the campers.
    4. Familiarize self with needs of camper group.
    5.     Willingness to work with all ESW programs including, Respite Camp and Camp Wawbeek
    6. Assist camper group in personal care as needed. Including: dressing, toileting, eating, showering, lifting and transferring.
    7. Assist other staff with their campers once own camper group’s needs are met.
    8. Create a detailed written summary of the campers session
    9. Ensure that Campers are on times for medications and meals
    10. Ensure campers in your group are on time for medication, meals and activities.
    11. Responsible for supervising dorm, during dorm or cabin duty
    12. Assist with camp clean up on the last day of each session.
    13. Ensure campers are at the activities of their choice and maintain appropriate staff to camper ratios
    14. Assist campers and participate fully at the activities to which you are assigned, including evening programs and special events.
    15. Provide input and ideas for camp programs.
    16. Respect confidentiality of campers.
    17. Assist campers with all personal care needs, meal time assistance and positive behavior support
    18. Report any accidents, illness, or sickness to supervisor or nurse.
    19. Practice sound health habits including sufficient rest to effectively perform the job requirements.
    20. Complete all necessary paperwork for campers by the completion of a session.
    21. Accept responsibility for other duties as assigned by your supervisor and the Director
    22. Know how to and effectively execute emergency procedures as instructed.
    23. Willing to work the Saturday after Week 7 and 10
    24. Accept all other duties/ responsibilities as assigned by your supervisor or Camp Director


    1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
    2. Ability to perform all job responsibilities and duties.
    3. Willingness to make a commitment to campers, Easter Seals camp philosophy and to the camp guidelines, policies and
    4. procedures.
    5. Ability to work as a team member.
    6. Endurance to spend long periods of time on your feet.
    7. Ability to independently meet own needs and care for self.

    Essential Functions:

    1. Ability to lift 50 pounds to waist level. 
    2. Physical strength and ability to provide personal care for all campers, including, but not limited to lifting and transferring, dressing and meal time assistance 
    3. Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to the activities. 
    4. Ability to observe and assess for campers’ behavioral and physical well- being
    5. Ability to use expressive and receptive communication skills with all campers
    6. Ability to enforce appropriate safety regulations, emergency procedures, and apply learned behavior management techniques
    7. Ability to have self-awareness of personal stress triggers, must have the ability to address and manager personal mental health needs.


    1. Room and board provided throughout the duration of position
    2. A monetary stipend
    3. Access to free laundry facilities
    4. Access to selected camp equipment when not in use and with the permission of Camp Directors. Examples:  Canoes, tents, tarps and other camping equipment
    5. Gain school credit or professional reference
    6. Enhance communication skills
    7. Gain experience working a wide variety of people
  • Weekend Counselor (volunteer or staff)

    Camping and Recreation
    Wisconsin Dells
    $300.00 / week

    At Easterseals Wisconsin Camps, we strive to increase independence, maximize opportunities, minimize barriers and improve the quality of life for people with different abilities. Join us for a weekend session as a volunteer camp counselor. In this role, you are responsible for the care, supervision and companionship of a group of campers. Camp allows our campers to express themselves and try new things in a therapeutic, inclusive, recreational setting. Everyone belongs at camp!


    Earn 50 volunteer service hours in a single weekend!

    No training or experience required-- all required training available on site!

    Once you volunteer for a weekend, return for another and get paid!

    Gain skills and experiences working with a diverse population of individuals with varying abilities.

How to Apply

Interested in applying to work/volunteer at camp, please complete Easterseals Wisconsin's online application by clicking the button below.

Or reach out to our Camp Wawbeek Director, Alex Peters at apeters@eastersealswisconsin.com and/or Respite Camp Director, Anna Chambers at achambers@eastersealswisconsin.com.

Interested in AmeriCorps and serving a term of National Service through AmeriCorps and building upon your camp experience! Check out our online AmeriCorps application: https://my.americorps.gov/mp/login.do.

Learn more about AmeriCorps opportunities at Easterseals Wisconsin, contact Anna Korb, AmeriCorps Program Manager at akorb@eastersealswisconsin.com

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