Earthfire Institute

Work with domesticated wild animals!

Nestled in Teton Valley at the base of the Grand Teton Mountain Range between Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.



Earthfire Institute
Teton Valley, Idaho
$35,000.00 / year
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (Feb 10, 2020)

SALARY DOE 32k - 45k.  Able to work independently in a physically demanding capacity and with compassion for the wild animal species he/she handles.  Has an intrinsic desire to observe wild animal behavior; feels confident being in close personal contact with wild animal species; open to taking direction and learning all facets of animal handling and training. Can ultimately lead to the Position of Animal Director for the right person. 
● General Animal Care ● Direct Contact with Animals ● Animal Handling During Photography and Film 
General Animal Care 
● Maintain animal feeding schedule twice daily.  Prepare animal meals according to species and refresh water supply for each enclosure.  Check animals before nightfall. ● Maintain animal enclosures clean of feces, urine, etc.  ● Identify uncommon animal behavior and report and communicate such behavior to Animal Director.  ● Ensure that there is always enough stock of animal food so that the kitchen never runs out. ● Learn how to properly use a tranquilizer gun and capture pole. 
Direct Contact with Animals 
 ● Be comfortable entering animal enclosures and moving animals to animal gardens for daily exercise, occasional photography sessions and retreats. ● Learn how to safely and effectively transport animals to different areas of the sanctuary. ● Practice animal psychology techniques to understand the behavior of each species and develop an inner sense of potential animal behavior.  ● Handle animals during veterinary check-ups.  Be comfortable administering medication and shots to animals. 
Animal Handling During Photography and Film 
 ● Train with Animal Director on proper handling techniques for animal photography and filming. 
● Accompany Animal Director to onsite and offsite locations for filming. 
Requirements and Personal Qualifications 
● This job should be a fulfillment of life’s passion ● Natural talent for working with animals (or – this job requires a native aptitude for working with animals) ● Hardworking ● Able to work independently ● Organized ● Willing to work outside in harsh, cold winter climate and out in the hot summer sun ● Able to lift 50 lbs ● Willing and able to take direction ● Humble and honest ● Must have a calm demeanor and be safety conscious ● Alert and proactive when it comes to problem-solving, goal setting and following through with projects ● Ranch maintenance experience helpful ● Willing to volunteer time and go the extra mile to get the job done – willing to do what is needed to make the ranch work ● Desire to be a long-term partner in the ranch ● Flexible schedule depending on needs 

How to Apply

Please email your resume to office@earthfireinstitute.org

Be sure to visit our website first and make sure your values align with our mission and objectives

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