EA Ranch

Cook/chef/gardener... Looking for a ranch to table person!!!

Close to Dubois, WY, about 5 miles but completely private at night. Near Grand Teton and Yellowstone



EA Ranch
Dubois, Wyoming
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (May 01, 2017)

EA Ranch is looking for summer help in the form of a Cook/Chef/Gardener.

In summertime from approximately May 1st until October 1st the EA Ranch needs a cook/chef/gardener. The job entails 40 hours per week +/- with overtime paid for hours worked beyond 40 each week.

Cooking/Chef job duties:

  • When owners are on the property on any given day, this position would prepare three, two, one, or no meals a day, depending on the owner's needs.  Each week's schedule needs to be flexible and will be discussed with owners and set week to week throughout the summer. 
  • Food is purchased on an as needed basis on an account from the local grocery store in Dubois or Sysco.
  • On occasion when guests are visiting there may be meals prepared for more than the owners and ranch staff. If additional help is needed due to increased number of guests the employee may hire an outside person to assist.

Gardening Duties: vegetables and flowers

  • The EA ranch strives to plant and maintain a vegetable garden and greenhouse.
  • This position is also responsible for planting, maintaining and winterizing the vegetable garden. Additionally, there are some planting beds and outside planters in the lodge area the employee must water and maintain throughout the growing season.
  • Our summer growing season presents some challenges to include a very short growing season. The EA Ranch grows as many of its own vegetables as possible and in fact invested in a greenhouse in 2015 that was used to produce primarily tomatoes in 2016. 

Housing is provided and may be off ranch in town (approximately 10 minutes away). 

This is a great opportunity for someone with a green thumb that is passionate about food and loves to cook!

Dubois is a truly authentic corner of Wyoming, and we are surrounded by huge stretches of amazing wilderness, including the Absaroka Mountains and the Wind River Range to the South. Not too far away are Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Join us for a summer you'll remember forever!

How to Apply

Please e-mail inquiries and/or letter/resume with work references to Will Rigsby at:

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