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2021 Season begins May 16th and runs through September 25th.  

  • Front Desk Staff

    $15.00 / hour

    Greet, register, and assign rooms to guests of hotel. Verify credit cards, and establish how the guest will pay for the room. Knowledge of Mac computers and reservation software is very helpful.  Front Desk Staff works closely with our housekeeping and maintenance staff.  Make and confirm reservations and perform other duties as assigned and needed.  Front desk or Hospitality experience recommended for this position though not necessary if you are a fast learner and computer literate.

  • Housekeeper

    $15.00 / hour

    The Housekeeping position, though domestic and basic, is the most important position in the hotel industry.  It requires approximately seven hours per day of cleaning a minimum of ten to twelve rooms on most days for four consecutive months.  Our rooms are exceptionally clean and well maintained to ensure our guests are comfortable and happy during there stay with us.  So, it is most important to have physically fit and capable individuals with outstanding work ethics to perform the daily cleaning requirements.  We do our own laundry so some days you may be washing and folding the linen and towels and stocking the supply rooms.  Our housekeeper’s must be professional, clean, timely & team players with positive, respectful attitudes.    Experience though not required is helpful.

  • Maintenance/Groundskeeper

    $18.00 / hour

    General, light maintenance & groundskeeping.  Plumbing, electrical, painting, mowing, and other duties as needed.

How to Apply

Please email your cover letter, resume, photo and questions to Cheri Szatkowski, Manager at Denali Park Hotel. 

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