Denali Gift Companies

Looking for a Fun Summer Job in Alaska?

We operate three of the largest gift shops at Denali National Park. All of the stores are located in the center of the Denali Park business district. 

The Park business district is located one mile north of the entrance to Denali National Park along a 1/2 mile stretch of the Parks Highway.

About Denali Gift Companies

The business district has several lodges including the McKinley Chalets, Denali Canyon Lodge, Denali Princess Lodge, Grande Denali Lodge and the Denali Bluffs Hotel. There are approximately 2000 hotel rooms and a dozen bars and restaurants in this area. There is also a liquor store, gas station, two convenience stores, flight seeing operations, river rafting companies and over a dozen gift shops along with other tourist type operations in the area.

Over 2500 seasonal employees work in the area and there are over 7000 visitors each day as well. Just inside the Park entrance is the Visitor's Access Center, the Interpretive Center, Post Office and the Alaska Railroad Depot. 

Our businesses are located in the center of all the activity at Denali National Park.  We are the busiest independent gift shop operation at the Park. We offer an exciting, fast-paced work environment that is not only enjoyable but offers the opportunity to learn! We have been in business longer than almost everyone in the area, for over thirty years now.

Ideal Candidate

We ask only that you have a healthy work ethic and strive to do your job well. We encourage a positive attitude. People without happy and positive personalities will not like working for us and will very likely not finish the season nor collect a bonus check. People who party a lot or have a drug problem will definitely not be with us for long and should not bother to apply!

Room and Board

We house our employees in the town of Healy, Alaska. Healy is a small year-round town with a population of about 400. It is located ten miles north of the Denali Park business district. There is a fire station, medical clinic and State Troopers office in town.  

This is an "EMPLOYEE Housing" program. We ARE NOT renting cabins, we are charging for EMPLOYEE Housing - not cabin rent! We do not fall under the landlord/tenant laws. If you quit or are terminated you must leave the property immediately. We can ONLY house our employees. We charge $4 a day ($28 a week) for use of the cabin, showers, main house cooking and internet facilities and utilities.

The employee cabins are PRIMITIVE small wood-framed cabins, some are in better condition than others. They are insulated, sheetrocked and have electric heat and lights. Cabins are furnished with mattresses, bed frames and refrigerators. Some have primitive shelving and have been fixed up by employees over the years. They are clustered on two acres of land in Healy, Alaska.

There are usually two people in a cabin. We will try to put compatible personalities into the same living quarters. You are free to swap roommates as you become friends with other employees.

You and your roommate will have a refrigerator to store your food inside your own cabin. You will cook your meals either individually or in groups in our employee kitchen. You will need to bring your cooking utensils, small frying pan, large frying pan, saucepan, spatulas, etc. These items are yours and your only source for cooking daily meals, therefore, you need to wash them after each meal and return them to your cabin for safe-keeping. We will provide certain food and food preparation items such a seasonings, salt, pepper, cooking oil, rice, beans and some paper products.

You will need to buy your own food. There are two small grocery stores and two other convenience stores in the area where you may shop daily. We also make trips to Fairbanks most weeks where you can go shopping at large chain stores for groceries and other items.

Employee Perks

You can SAVE some money this summer!  Other than food, personal items, and laundry, you can save most of your earnings, as you will have few other expenses.

The starting wage is $10.00 per hour plus a $2.00 per hour bonus. When factoring the wage scale please note that our Housing Program is one of the least expensive of any business in the Park! This program will put $100's of dollars more in your pocket over the course of the summer.   

Payday is every other Friday. We can direct deposit your checks or you can mail them to your bank. We can also cash your personal checks for your spending money.

The bonus is payable at the end of the season in one lump sum, minus the taxes. Typical bonuses run around $1500 per season per employee, depending on the number of hours worked. There are a few ways to lose your bonus - among them are: quitting before the end of your contract, stealing, unsatisfactory performance, drug use, or alcohol abuse at work.

In addition, we have a 3 bedroom log cabin located very close to the employee sleeping cabins. It has a kitchen and dining area. The log cabin has a public computer with wireless high-speed DSL connections. These are available to you at all times free of charge. You may be able to receive the wireless DSL signal in your cabin as well. There is also a building on the property, a portion of which has been converted into a non-smoking recreation room. It has a flat-screen TV and DVD player along with a large selection of movies, couches, chairs, etc. This is an area for employees to gather when not at work.

Getting Here and Getting Around

The main form of transportation to Alaska is by air.  It is cheaper to fly into Anchorage (ANC). The other option is to fly into Fairbanks (FAI).  We recommend flying into Anchorage as flights are less expensive. The most reasonable place to stay in Anchorage is the Bent Prop Inn: (1-907-276-3635). 

The least expensive transportation to Denali National Park is the Alaska/Yukon Trails  or (907) 479-2277.  This shuttle leaves from the Bent Prop Inn around 7am.

If you are hired and need help finding reasonable fares feel free to call and ask about before making your plane reservations. Round trip fares should be around $500-$700 from the West coast and possibly a few hundred dollars more if flying from the East. It's also a good idea to check nearby major airports as some larger airports have more competition and the fares can be dramatically lower.

Most employees can earn enough bonus money or overtime pay to cover the cost of their flight to and from Anchorage. Some employees may elect to drive the ALCAN Highway from Seattle to Fairbanks/Denali. It is about 2400 miles from Seattle to the Park.

Once here, we shuttle all employees to work and back to the housing complex twice a day for morning and evening shifts.

For Fun

At the Denali National Park and Preserve Visitor's Access Center, you can take bus rides 90 miles into the Park, obtain camping permits, attend interpretive programs, take hiking trails and numerous other daily Park activities. More information about Denali National Park can be found here:

Our Jobs

We have created a fun, interesting and challenging place to work in a small business environment. Everyone is scheduled close to 40 hours within five days each week.  We try to allow for flexible scheduling in order to give you time to be with your friends and explore Alaska.  

We are the busiest independent gift retailer at Denali National Park. Our gift shops require many customer service associates and merchandising personnel. All of our employees must operate a computerized point of sale and complete accurate sales.  All of our associates will be involved in pricing, folding and stocking large volumes of T-shirts, garments and other merchandise on a daily basis. Some will spend more time making sales while others may be stocking and merchandising more often. We will train you in all aspects of the job.  

Denali TriValley Cabins

Housekeeper FT/PT

We are looking for self motivated and detail oriented housekeepers with previous housekeeping experience. You will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of several nightly rental cabins located adjacent to our employee camp in Healy.
Denali Gift Companies

Sales Associate

We are looking for friendly sales associates with customer service and cash handling experience. Sales associates work among our three gift shops in Denali Park and maintain the day to day flow of business and upkeep of the stores. Responsibilities include: Cashiering, up-selling merchandise, answering general questions about the area, stocking, dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, tagging, folding, and merchandising.
Denali Gift Companies

Warehouse Clerk

Warehouse clerks spend a majority of their time writing and pulling orders to stock from the warehouse. If you are quick and prefer to work independently then this is the job for you. These positions are required to drive and require that you are over 21 years old, and have a clean driving record.

How to Apply

Come Join Us!

If this sounds like the summer adventure for you, please complete and submit an online employment application. You will be contacted within a few days for an interview. We try to have all positions filled and all applicants notified by early April. Most employees will be notified far earlier and shortly after the telephone interview of their hired status.

Make sure to check out our website for more employee information and pictures!

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