Deer Hill Expeditions

Get your foot in the door! Spring and summer internships open at Deer Hill!

Live and work where the mountains meet the desert.

Mancos, CO
No experience required

Spring Internships: April 1st – June 4th, 2018

Summer Internships: June 1st – August 17th, 2018



Deer Hill’s Internship Program is an essential element of the Deer Hill community, both in spirit and in hard work. Interns live on site and support Deer Hill programs and operations by preparing equipment, packing supplies, repairing gear, maintaining facilities, and facilitating resupplies.

This internship offers a unique perspective and opportunity for interaction in the community of outdoor education. Interns work alongside field staff during transitions and resupplies, they help participants get outfitted with gear from our store, they work alongside our kitchen staff preparing meals, and they work with our Facility Manager preparing vehicles for use. With hands-on experience and guidance from Deer Hill administrative staff, Interns learn about the logistics and systems to facilitate multi-element wilderness expeditions and cross-cultural service projects.

How to Apply

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