Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC (CTEH®)

Work hard. Play hard. Protect the Environment.

Being a team member within CTEH®’s Rapid Responder program provides a unique experience for a flexible individual. CTEH® is a science-based environmental consulting firm established to respond to toxicological emergencies.

About Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC (CTEH®)

Working with the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, L.L.C. (CTEH®) Rapid Response team is a unique experience. CTEH® is a science-based environmental consulting firm established to provide toxicology and human health consulting services to the public and private sectors. Our team consists of highly technical and responsive professionals who develop solutions to a wide variety of human health and environmental issues.

We mainly respond to chemical emergencies related to natural disasters, train derailments, pipeline ruptures and chemical fires. Our personnel provide our client with 24-hour, 365 day availability. Projects range in duration from a few days to many months. We utilize the latest technologies in air sampling and safety to evaluate worker and community exposure to the chemicals of interest.

Ideal Candidate

CTEH® is looking for people concerned about safety, quality and doing a thorough job in any situation. We value people that can think outside the box, have flexible schedules and enjoy going to different locations throughout the United States. We accept candidates that are available to work for varying lengths of time and can be called up at a moments notice. Preference will be given to individuals with at least an associate’s degree in a natural science or computer science, but relevant experience may be substituted for a degree. A strong understanding of today’s handheld technology is useful. Military veterans are invited to join our ranks.

All Rapid Responders are required to obtain medical clearance (at our expense) prior to working on any site. Required training is provided at no cost to you. You must be able to obtain a Transportation Worker Identity Card (“TWIC”) and therefore pass a background screening. CTEH® is a drug-free workplace.

Room and Board

There’s no need to worry about covering your hotel costs at the site. CTEH® pays for this directly. Meals are often furnished. But, when not furnished, you will be paid the applicable meal per diem based upon the site’s location.

Employee Perks

Other than a pair of steel toe boots which you must bring, CTEH® will provide you with all the work-related equipment that you’ll need to perform your job. Local transportation once you arrive will also be taken care of. You’ve got no worries when you are called. Everything is provided.

Payroll Information: CTEH® offers competitive wages. Pay days are semi-monthly. Pay advances are not available, so please ensure availability of sufficient funds to cover your basic needs during the first three weeks of employment. CTEH® requires employees to sign up for direct deposited payroll for additional security. This requires a voided check on the account into which the funds are to be deposited.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Our Rapid Responder staff is from throughout the United States. Once you are asked to deploy to a work site, all travel arrangements will be made for you and paid for in advance by the company.

For Fun

Employees are encouraged to work hard so they can play hard. CTEH® is often called out to varying locations from coastal regions to the mountains. Our Rapid Responders enjoy taking in the adventures around them, often going hiking, white-water rafting, touring the local sites or fishing while on their required stand-by.

How to Apply

If interested, please fill our our quick interest form or apply directly at to apply for one of our open positions.

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