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      Robin Gochenour

      So have any of you ever took a position that turned out to not be a good fit for you?

      A couple of positions I have run across that seem to be super interesting I find through investagateing that the profile painted doesn’t match the reviews I have found. Obviously you have to take some reviews with a grain of salt. But in saying that, it makes me wonder if you have suggestions on how to read between the lines.🤔

      And for those of you who have gotten yourself into something that just wasn’t gonna work out, what did you do?

      I am one who would push through my commitment unless of course there was a safety issue. But wonder what you all do and how much you would take? We have all had that one job that was miserable. But when your talking lifestyle change to take a position it puts a different spin on miserable job.

      Please share your experiences and suggestions.


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