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      So have any of you ever took a position that turned out to not be a good fit for you?

      A couple of positions I have run across that seem to be super interesting I find through investagateing that the profile painted doesn’t match the reviews I have found. Obviously you have to take some reviews with a grain of salt. But in saying that, it makes me wonder if you have suggestions on how to read between the lines.🤔

      And for those of you who have gotten yourself into something that just wasn’t gonna work out, what did you do?

      I am one who would push through my commitment unless of course there was a safety issue. But wonder what you all do and how much you would take? We have all had that one job that was miserable. But when your talking lifestyle change to take a position it puts a different spin on miserable job.

      Please share your experiences and suggestions.


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      Keith Larson

      I started doing seasonal work in 2006. I’ve been to several places. Usually I pick them well. Twice, I’ve had some issues, however. Both times, things worked itself out. Partly because I procrastinated for a few days. Partly because I’m too stubborn to say I give up quickly.

      I was at a ski resort one winter and they decided to bring most of us in November because that October looked great. The weather turned. 40 degrees and rain does not make good skiing conditions. Pay is usually low at ski resorts, room and board, if available, is usually high. My second pay check was a whopping $25….and there food was on your own. I’ve made schedules for years, and knew ways to get some more out of the system. So my next one was much better, and a lot better than my young co-workers. After that, the weather turned colder and snowy, and a few of the young’uns had problems with too much time on their own and left one way or the other. The rest of the season went well.

      The second time I was an assistant manager for an outlet and I came across a situation that I wasn’t sure of the procedure to follow. I arrived for the evening shift and my manager had started drinking sometime the middle of the early shift. The next morning I was discussing it with HR, and the food and beverage director decided to have a “discussion” with the manager in question, including “someone” has reported his behavior. I then had the awkward and uncomfortable position of working with him for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, the other assistant went through a similar process. Except he was a retired military officer who definitely had zero qualms about who should be court martialed and took some of the heat off of me. The manager then came in for an evening shift not able to walk straight. I called HR down, they tested him well above the limit. After he left, the season went very well.

      I’ve written some reviews of some places. Keep in mind anything older than a couple of years might be totally different. Keep in mind also, we are all looking for different reasons. I’ve written blogs about both and transferred them to this platform. Or some of them.

      Do you have any examples of places and-or positions?

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      Thanks Keith. Yes, Ski areas are notoriously low pay and expensive stay. 🙄
      It’s interesting hearing others experiences. I have read your and all the others journals, blogs, etc.

      I don’t have examples. Just positions I ran across here or on indeed. Being that I am hoping to jump in at this time of my life, and being older I am not looking to jump in Willy Nilly so I try to investigate everything, from the company to the area. Some reviews by employees speak volumes. While others speak volumes about the reviewer. 😉 I also look at guest reviews because they often have insight as well. But when the majority speak of issues it’s hard to ignore. That’s why I wondered if issues are the norm? But it seems your experience is limited. Which is nice to hear.

      Again, thanks for your response. Robin

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      Keith Larson

      There is a hint for possible caution flags some of us use that have been around for awhile. It works for a season, anything longer than that is probably outdated. I’m not sure how long and often you have looked at Help Wanted Now listings during the actual season. Many places will need a couple during the season, and that doesn’t really mean much. Some, however, are in constant need. Be at least aware of these places.

      I’ve ignored it sometimes and personally been ok. I also love new places, so it’s not possible to use then. You also have to factor in the size of the company.

      Example: Right now you’ll find several places looking for workers on Mackinac Island. It’s a great place. It was the 2nd National Park, but reverted to a state park. There are some that you might see a couple of times this summer. There are some that you will see almost weekly. My friend and I went to the island one summer, but to different companies. I had a great summer, she had let’s call it, a challenging season. Mine, I think placed one late in the season. Hers almost always had at least one listing the entire time.

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