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      Cathy Conrad avatarCathy Conrad

      Hi, I’m looking for a little guidance. I’m 55, so still need to work. I’d like to find a job in a place that is pretty cool in the summer; I’m about to start van life with pets. So either a place that is cool during the day or overnight work would hit the spot. Anyone have a past experience to recommend, a particular employer or a particular area? I don’t think driving to Alaska is an option right now, with Canada’s border closed, but anywhere else.

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      Patty Ceglio avatarPatty
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      Hey Cathy

      Thanks for starting up a great conversation! You’re on the right track as far as I’m concerned – seeking out information before jumping in with both feet.

      I think you’d find some areas that tend to be cooler – higher elevations and/or forested areas – like Mount Rainier or Glacier NP for instance. I live in central MT and we’re in the heat of the summer now with high 80’s and even 90’s!

      One thing I’m thinking about as I read your message is “van life with pets” …. and of course, I have no idea what your set up looks like. You might find that some employers would have RV sites available for employees but that they might require you to be “self contained” which means, a bathroom facility included – because they may not provide a restroom/shower facility. Another thing to consider will be the weather – as you mentioned – because snow can fall almost any month of the year in some places!

      I hope you have some others weigh in here to help you with your question. I’ll be excited to see where you end up!

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