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Colvig Silver Camps

Seeking Head Wrangler to Lead Horse Program for Summer Camp in Colorado!

Residential/Wilderness Adventure Summer Camp on 600 acres in Southwest Colorado!


Head Wrangler

Colvig Silver Camps
Durango, Colorado
$3,700.00 / season
Previous experience required
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Starts immediately!

Colvig Silver Camps is looking to hire a Head Wrangler for the 2021 summer.

We typically hire one Head Wrangler who will supervise an Assistant Wrangler, and sometimes two Head or Co-Wranglers.  We have a small and simple Riding Program. We own about 10 horses and will rent the remainder (6 - 10) from a local ranch to fulfill the need for that summer. 

Wranglers will need to rise early, to gather the horses from pasture to be used for that day's activities. Wranglers are responsible for leading all horse activities (e.g. tack and care, arena work, short trail rides, and all-day trail rides). As always, with horses, safety is the number one priority.  Applicants must have a desire to work with kids ages 7 - 17, and be aware of the challenges that accompany working with kids and horses. Applicants should be comfortable in a supervisory role in an equestrian environment, as our Wranglers are in charge of everything related to the horse program, including being aware of horse health and care and pre-season conditioning and evaluation of each horse. CHA or similar certification desired.

Colvig Silver Camps is a rustic environment. We have a Tack Shed, where all horse activities begin and end, an arena, and plenty of trail surrounding our site.  We do not have a barn, our horses are always out to pasture. We have a wonderful veterinarian who is easily available if needed.

Minimum Age: Wrangler: 21 years of age, preferably a college junior
Terms of Employment: Wranglers are hired for 12 weeks unless contracted otherwise 
Salary: Wrangler: $3700 - plus meals, lodging, and laundry 
Time Off: Approximately one night each week, plus three days between sessions 
Number Hired: One

The Wranglers' primary responsibility is for the safety and welfare of campers (ages 7-17) taking part in the riding program. Riding groups will typically include 6-10 campers and at least one counselor. Counselors will be responsible for managing camper behavior, enabling the wranglers to focus on instruction.

Wranglers are responsible for planning and teaching Western-style riding and tack care based on a progression as follows: safety/equipment/basics > arena riding > trail riding. Our philosophy is that campers should not ride until they have first mastered the basics of tack care and grooming (hoof cleaning, brushing, saddling, bridling, etc.) Typically the first activity session with a group of campers will begin with an in-depth discussion of horse safety, then basic tack care/grooming, and if there is time, some arena riding to introduce basic horse control. Ideally, groups progress to half- and full-day trail rides in & around camp (over the course of several activity periods). Both wranglers should expect to be leading groups of campers nearly every morning and afternoon.

Wranglers are also responsible for the care of 12-15 horses and related tack. This includes conditioning horses that have not been ridden during the winter/spring months and working with a farrier and/or veterinarian. The ability to detect illness and injury in horses is essential. Wranglers must be physically capable of lifting saddles, controlling strong horses, lifting bales of hay, etc.

Wranglers will also be asked to assist in other areas of camp when not involved in horse activities. This may include supervising movie nights, washing dishes, assisting staff with other activities, or running errands.

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