Expedition Coordinator
Colvig Silver Camps

Plan, Prepare & Pack Food and Gear for Backcountry Trips in the San Juan Mountains!

Residential/Wilderness Adventure Summer Camp on 600 acres in Southwest Colorado!


Expedition Coordinator

Colvig Silver Camps
Durango, Colorado
$3,700.00 / season
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (May 16, 2021)

Colvig Silver Camps is looking to hire Expedition Coordinators for the summer of 2021. The Expedition Coordinator position is not a trip leading position but rather a logistical support position. We do consider this to be a supervisory position as well. The Expedition Coordinator(s) is responsible for planning, preparing, and packing food and gear for our Expeditions Program. Though challenging and tedious at times, this job is super fun and offers a great opportunity for individuals to learn more about the "behind the scenes" aspect of a wilderness program, especially for individuals interested in outdoor education as a potential profession. 

Expedition Coordinator
Minimum Age: 21 years of age, preferably college junior
Terms of Employment: The "Expo" Coordinator is hired for 12 weeks unless contracted otherwise
Salary: $3700 -, Room, Board and Laundry, and Travel Allowance
Time Off: Approximately one night each week, plus 2.5 days between sessions
Number Hired: Two

The Expedition Coordinator is responsible for planning menus, preparing, making food orders, and packing food and equipment for all expedition trips leaving camp. We offer a wide variety of trips for all age levels (7-17).

CSC is a wilderness-oriented camp, so most days will involve trips departing or returning. On a typical departure day, three to four or more groups of 8-12 each will be leaving camp.

Colvig Silver Camps is a residential summer camp with a very extensive backcountry program. Our campers go on 3, 4, and 5-day trips (our oldest campers go on a 26-day expedition) during their time at camp, and the Expedition Coordinator(s) is responsible for making sure these trip groups have all the group gear (e.g. tarp, poles, stakes, stove, fuel, pot, pan, trowel, bear bag/rope, etc.) that they need for their trip in addition to planning and preparing menus, making food orders, and packing food to supply these trips with food for the trip. The Expo Coordinator also keeps a running inventory of food and supplies, maintains a clean and sanitary working environment, coordinates food needs with the central kitchen, and prepares orders. He/she must be able to lift heavy boxes overhead, read inventory sheets, and make mathematical conversions. In addition, Expedition Coordinators are part of our support staff team, and may be asked to help out in other areas of camp when necessary (e.g. trip drops and pick-ups, camper movie night supervision, help in the kitchen, etc.). Expedition Coordinators also go on re-supply drops with their supervising administrator to re-supply our Pathfinding campers (the older campers on a 26-day expedition).

This job requires excellent time management and organization skills, the ability to plan ahead, the ability to work on your own for long periods of time, advanced knowledge of food and nutrition appropriate for backpacking and heavy physical activity, basic knowledge of camping gear and operation/set-up of that gear, basic knowledge for simple gear repair techniques, and a general understanding of backpacking/camping in general. Expedition Coordinators will be required to have or acquire a basic food handling certification and First Aid/CPR prior to starting date.