Camp Cook
Colvig Silver Camps

Camp Cook Position in Beautiful Colorado

Overnight Summer Camp on 600 acres in Southwest Colorado!

Durango, Colorado
$5,000.00 / season
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 4 months (May 25, 2020)

Minimum Age: 21 years of age

Terms of Employment: Cooks are hired for 11 weeks unless contracted otherwise

Salary: $5,000-, plus room, board, laundry, and travel allowance. There is also the potential for Tuition Benefits for Chefs or Cooks who have children of age to attend camp (age 8 - 17). For children too young to attend camp, we have hired Nanny's in the past. 

Time Off: One full day per week, plus two days between sessions

Number Hired: 1

Qualifications: Professional kitchen experience or relative experience

Responsibilities: Each summer, we hire one cook to assist in our camp kitchen for the summer. We serve three meals a day in our main lodge, and our kitchen staff is responsible for all three meals. There are other exceptional cases and responsibilities outside of the meals at the lodge, as well. We take great pride in the quality of our camp food. Due to our small community, we have a lot more freedom in what we can offer. Our menus offer a lot of classics and give our kitchen staff room to explore as well.

The primary responsibilities of the cook include:

  • Assist in planning and preparing three meals per day
  • Assist in planning and preparing special meals and treats for special occasions and events
  • Assist in menu planning
  • Food ordering and receiving
  • Food storage organization and cleanliness
  • Monitoring kitchen sanitation practices
  • Knowledge of state regulations and accreditation standards
  • Knowledge of meal schedule and camp schedule
  • Adhering to camper and staff food allergy and dietary needs requirements
  • Occasionally leading cooking programming and activities with campers

This position provides an opportunity to spend a summer in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado cooking for a fun, family-like community. Working in a camp kitchen is different than typical cook positions. It is not a shift-based position; it is instead a daily commitment for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Think of it as a home where your family is enormous. You will be cooking for the camp community (campers and staff) but will have freedom as well during the day. This position is a job for someone who can manage themselves professionally and commit to a rigorous seasonal schedule in a fun environment. As with all camp positions, you are welcome to get involved in the camp community outside of your time in the kitchen.

How to Apply

We respect and take very good care of our folks in the kitchen, please review our website for more details about Colvig Silver Camps and don't hesitate to contact us 970-247-2564 with any further questions.

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