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Colvig Silver Camps

Camp Nurse Position in Beautiful Colorado!

Residential Summer Camp on 600 acres in Southwest Colorado!


Camp Nurse

Colvig Silver Camps
Durango, Colorado
$3,000.00 / month
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 6 months (Jul 11, 2020)

Colvig Silver Camps has an open Camp Nurse (aka Witch Doctor) position for the summer of 2020.  We are hiring for our second term only (July 11 to August 11). RN License eligible to work in Colorado required. Pediatric nursing or general childcare experience preferred. Camp nursing experience highly desired. Outdoor recreation interest/experience desired.

Minimum Age: 21 or older 
Terms of Employment: 4 weeks (July 10 - August 10), unless contracted otherwise 
Salary: $3000 for the season, potential salary increase commensurate with experience, Housing included. Do you have kids? We offer tuition benefits for this position when the nurse has kids of age (7 - 17) to attend camp. The benefit depends on the number of kids, but typically 1 or 2 kids attend camp during employment at no additional cost (only a salary deduction), though we still make sure our nurses get paid something for all their hard work even if their kids attend camp.
Time Off: One full day each week 
Number Hired: One

Each summer we hire one or two full time, residential nurse(s). Our nurse position is tailored to provide the camp community with optimum health care in a unique environment. Health care support includes a staff certified in, at a minimum, CPR and Wilderness First Aid, ambulance and helicopter access to a nearby hospital, and a 24-hour on-call camp physician.

Where does the nurse stay and work?

Our camp nurse (aka Witch Doctor) resides in a private cabin w/ a private bathroom attached to the infirmary. The infirmary consists of the main room for giving immediate care and evaluating campers and staff, a bathroom and shower, and two rooms for campers or staff staying the night (two rooms to separate gender if necessary). The infirmary also has a washer and dryer.

The primary responsibilities of the nurse position include:

  • Staff week orientation on camp healthcare policies and procedures
  • Teaching medication administration course and delegating medication administration to staff members
  • Pre-camp camper and staff health screenings
  • Being available and on-call 24 hours/day while on-duty for all camper and staff health care needs
  • General first aid kit management
  • Keeping records and logs
  • Knowledge of accreditation standards, state regulations, and exclusion policies
  • Ordering medical supplies for the infirmary and first aid kits
  • Scheduling doctor’s visits as needed
  • Occasional parent contact regarding camper health needs or concerns
  • Managing beds and rooms in the infirmary (making beds and cleaning linens)
  • Keeping camp healthy and happy!

This position provides an opportunity to spend a summer in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, developing nursing experience in pediatric care and wilderness/outdoor medicine. While our nurse is always on-call, we are flexible regarding program participation. We encourage our camp nurse to take an active part in the program portion of camp. Health care demands always take precedence over such program participation, but we are committed to making this a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for our nurse as well as our campers and program staff.

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